The Myths and Facts Behind Root Chakra Healing

The root or the Muladhara Chakra is situated at the base of the spine and as it indicates, is synced up with the earth element. It is responsible for the feeling of safety and security which in turn relates to feeling grounded. 

Many of us, owing to our lifestyles have felt insecure at times. It may be because of our personal concerns or just our usual professional life. These feelings denote a misalignment in the root chakra

Given how people these days are aware of self-care, it is not uncommon to look out for chakra healing techniques. A quick search on the internet and we’ll find that terms like healing root chakra, chakra healing rituals, and how to heal root chakra are fairly common. This also means that a lot of articles, which may or may not be written by experts pop up, hence the need to burst the myths and provide you with some facts.

The Myths and Facts Behind Root Chakra Healing

Let us start with a look at the myths first and then we’ll count them with the facts.

Myths About Root Chakra Healing

People believe and undertake several things that are available on the internet; however, these myths about root chakra healing rituals are just misconceptions, and you should evaluate and understand the same.

  • Myth No. 1- Psychics can heal our Root Chakra. Psychics can perform on Chakras directly with their occult capacity, claiming to awaken the energy and open the cosmic self, inducing higher states of consciousness in the individual undergoing the treatment.  
  • Myth No.2- Practicing Yoga is great as a chakra healing ritual. Practicing certain mudras over time can help align your chakras and restore your energy balance.
  • Myth No. 3- Root Chakra is responsible for a person feeling humility. If someone is arrogant, it may be because of their root chakra imbalance and chakra healing rituals targeted at the same can solve it.
  • Myth No. 4- Chakras are tangible nodes inside the body. They can also be operated upon and/or improved through massages and touch. 

Facts About Root Chakra Healing Rituals

When we talk about the root chakra healing rituals, against the small section we had for myths, the aspects would require a set of explanations. So, while, we will delve into details in the subsequent sections, let us first answer the myths we discussed in the section above.

  • There is no scientific or experimental proof of occult practices helping in chakra alignment. There are many people who also talk about manifestations and use that as a method for root chakra balancing. However, please understand that these do not work like that. 
  • Practicing yoga is one of the several root chakra healing techniques that can together help in chakra balancing. However, expecting that yoga alone would help in the healing is a fallacy

  • The root chakra is associated with the feeling of being grounded- agreed! However, every person has their inherent nature too, and hence just because someone is arrogant does not mean that they have an imbalanced root chakra.
  • Chakras are energy centers- they cannot be touched, and they cannot be operated on. They are more psychological and spiritual in nature.

What is Root Chakra Actually Responsible for?

  • The drive to live a happy life.
  • Feeling a sense of stability and security.
  • Feeling dependable, reliable, and responsible in life.
  • A sense of being grounded and connected to oneself and others around.
  • Feeling a steady and healthy survival instinct.
  • A sense of self-love and self-care.

What Happens When There Is An Imbalance In Root Chakra? 

The Physical Disturbances

  • Trouble in the lower body part(including the lower back, legs, feet, knees, and the foundation of the spinal bone ).
  • Very weakened immunity.
  • Gaining sudden weight or losing weight.
  • Sense of fatigue.
  • Suffering from a sleeping disorder.

The Emotional Imbalances Encountered

  • Feeling negativity and cynism.
  • Constantly living a survival mode.
  • Feeling down and depressed.
  • Unpredictable behavior.
  • Feeling disconnected.
  • Constant feelings of being unstable, unsafe, fearful, and anxious.

The Spiritual Disturbances

  • Sudden loss of willpower.
  • Feeling confused.
  • Incapacity to put Trust in Earth for supporting and nourishing oneself.
  • Major existential crisis.

What Healthy Chakra Healing Rituals Should You Follow To Live A Happy Life?

How to heal your Root Chakra? 

The following activities when done in parallel and under the guidance of an experienced/certified chakra healer can help in effective root chakra healing.

  • Taking Pilates sessions.
  • Taking morning walks or evening walks.
  • Undertaking dancing classes.
  • Going on hiking is also quite advantageous.
  • Running also aids in bringing back your stability.
  • Regular yoga practice involving the following asanas:

  1. Malasana( Yogic squat)
  2. Uttasana(Standing in a forward fold pose)
  3. Squats(practice around 10-20 times )
  4. Utkatasana(the chair pose)
  5. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2(do it on both sides)
  6. Vrksasana(the tree pose)
  7. Bridge lifts(practice around 10-20 times)

The root chakra is about feeling grounded, which means it is related to the feet and hence some simple feet-related exercises can help with the healing too. Sharing one such below:

  • Stand up straight on your feet and put a tennis ball on the ground just in front of you. 
  • Now, transfer your weight on one foot while raising the other and placing it over the tennis ball.
  • Just slightly put your weight on the ball, following a circular motion moving the ball.
  • See that your ankle is also undergoing a circular motion.
  • Once satisfied, change the side. 

Can You Consider Sound Energy As One Of The Chakra Healing Rituals?

Yes, of course. So, when you feel tensed and restless once again, listen to

  1. Gong sounds.
  2. Mantra.
  3. Sound bath.
  4. And singing bowls.

While Concluding

So folks, this was it from our side talking about the myths and facts surrounding root chakra healing. Hope this helped you get some perspective. 

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