Our Journey - Our Passion To Offer More Than Skincare - Chakra Aromatherapy Products



We launched Kanya in late 2017 after spending more than a year conducting research, formulating, testing, and laying the groundwork for our operations. Kanya’s founder, Vernika, was looking for natural remedies to cure her three-year-old son’s severe eczema. While there were many steroidal creams available, as a mother, Vernika was wary of exposing her young son to potentially harmful chemicals. The lack of suitable options and the surprising levels of misinformation, dilution, and inconsistency motivated Vernika to launch a line of products that uses pure, natural, and balanced ingredients.

The daughter of a Reiki Master, Vernika was raised in India in a family with deep-rooted beliefs in yoga and Ayurveda. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with a major in Yoga and a Master of International Business degree from Grenoble Graduate School of Business, London, UK.

Vernika's upbringing, passion for yoga, meditation, and natural remedies motivated her to work with the products in such a way that they offer more than superficial skincare. Her intention with Kanya is to redefine luxury, skin care and take it beyond the superficial level. Products that motivate you to deeply inhale and help you to come back to yourself.

We have been blessed on our journey so far to have partnered with some of the most prominent 5-star spas in America. These pioneers are committed to offering holistic Chakra aromatherapy oil treatments using only the purest, most natural products and we feel very fortunate to be able to participate in their mission.

We hope you will try our products and find them to be unique. Our endeavor is to improve in every possible way and we would love your feedback as we strive to offer you rejuvenation from the inside-out.


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