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The Founder

Vernika Shukla - Kanya's Founder

I was first introduced to carrier oils & Chakras when I was a little girl being raised in an Indian family with deep-rooted beliefs in yoga, Ayurveda, massages, and natural remedies. Getting a massage every few weeks to soothe sore muscles was a normal practice in our family. I was always intrigued by the textures and aromas of different oils. As a Reiki master and yoga trainer, my mother taught me various Asanas and meditation techniques making it an integral part of our everyday life. I then received my Bachelors in Philosophy; Yoga was one of my three majors. After getting my Masters in International Business I pursued a corporate career but felt as if something was missing from my life. In India, it is a common practice to receive a massage every day for a month upon giving birth. So, after my first child was born, I was reintroduced to oils creating my own blends.

Subsequently, my son started to show signs of severe eczema, and I began researching the best oils & remedies to help him. That is when I discovered what was missing from my life. I loved working with the oils and playing with unique aromas. I was looking for something that could replace my everyday lotion while hydrating and nourishing my skin, without an oily feeling. A holistic luxurious serum with the most exotic, virgin, natural ingredients and essential oil blends which nourish your skin and create a mood you plunge in. I have always believed in nature’s ability to restore us on a much deeper level; skin care should not just be superficial, but it should help the user heal from the inside out. After extensive research, and working several months, I created my ideal blends and decided to share my passion with the world.