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Our Story

Vernika Shukla - Kanya's Founder

Vernika’s passion for natural healing, meditation, and yoga led her to found Kanya in 2017. The daughter of a Reiki Master, Vernika was raised in India in a family with deep-rooted beliefs in Ayurveda.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a major in Yoga, Vernika pursued a Masters in International Business from Grenoble Graduate School of Business.

After a few years in corporate life, Vernika decided to go the family way. As a mother of two, she is always wary of exposing her kids to harmful chemicals. It was her search for natural remedies to cure her 3-year-old son’s severe eczema that led to Kanya’s founding.

While there was a proliferation of facial skincare products, the dearth of suitable overall body care options led Vernika to spend more than a year researching ingredients for her line. The surprising levels of misinformation, dilution, and inconsistency, deepened Vernika’s resolve to launch a line of products that use only the purest, natural and balanced ingredients.

Yoga philosophy emphasizes the connection between the mind and body. This core belief drove the creation of Kanya’s unique Chakra Balancing product line that provides natural healing and Zen through aromatherapy. Kanya’s products offer a luxurious self-care ritual that nurtures your body and creates a mood you plunge in to heal yourself from inside out.

We have been blessed on our journey so far to have partnered with some of the most prominent spas in America, as these pioneers are committed to offering holistic skincare treatments using only the purest, most natural products.