Being KANYA-Being YOU


Being is existing. Being is the true nature or essence of a person.  And yet, ‘Being’ gets left out as we go about our lives, carrying on with our routines, jobs, and chores.

Understanding ourselves is a process that should never stop. This soul-searching is what makes our ‘Surviving’ into ‘Being’.

Today, the REAL us is entangled somewhere between dreams and reality, relationships and responsibilities. Our true self is buried under layers of learned behaviours, experiences - some good and some not so good.

For us at Kanya Life, Being YOU equals being a Kanya. Kanya literally means a girl or a daughter in the Sanksrit language. But, in spirit, Kanya represents purity, innocence, the uninhibited reality.

The #BeingKANYA-BeingYOU series puts the spotlight on ordinary people doing extraordinary work. These agents of change are spreading positivity in their own way so that we can come back to our pure ESSENCE minus the everyday filters.  

Let’s get started! Read on and get inspired to unearth YOU. 

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