5 Problems Everyone Has With Chakra Healing – How To Solve Them

Are you looking for some ethereal solution to handle the physical and mental imbalance? Your research on spiritual subjects like Yoga and meditation might have brought up the words 'Chakra' and 'Healing chakras' several times by now, right? So, what did you understand by Chakra?

What Is a Chakra?

As depicted in the Sanskrit texts, a Chakra is a wheel of energy with a particular neural reference around the major body parts. There are approximately 114 Chakras throughout the body. However, only 7 possess a special place in the scenario controlling and managing critical functions of the human spiritual realm.  

To have a blissfully happy and optimistic life, one must keep their Chakras open and unblocked. 

But why, right? 

Well, simply because a blocked Chakra tends to move your everyday life up and down, hindering stability massively.

The 7 Major  Chakra In Detail 

Root Chakra(Muladhara)- 

It is situated at the foundation of the spinal area providing a base for life to thrive. The Root Chakra makes you feel connected to your existence, aiding you with defending the challenges coming your way. This wheel of energy is significantly responsible for making you feel secure and stable. 

Sacral Chakra(Svadhisthana)-

This Chakra is stationed at the region just below the belly button, which is highly responsible for enhancing your creative and sexual energy. The energy wheel also lets you determine your emotional gravity and the emotions of others.

Solar Plexus Chakra(Manipura)-

The Solar Plexus Chakra is right in your stomach and amplifies your self-esteem and confidence. This Chakra lets you sense self-reliance over negativity, boosting your conviction.

Heart Chakra(Anahata)-

This Chakra is placed near your heart, and to no surprise, this wheel of energy is all about love, compassion, and affection.

Throat Chakra(Vishiddha)-

This Chakra is there in the throat area, which promotes clear communication.

Third Eye Chakra(Ajna)-

The Third Eye Chakra is stationed in the middle of two eyes and is responsible for instigating strong gut instincts and helping you with intuitions. This wheel of energy also encourages imaginative power.

Crown Chakra(Sahasrara)-

This energy wheel lets one experience the connection with oneself, others, and the universe directing the purpose of one's life.

5 Problems Everyone Has With Chakra Healing

As already mentioned, people undergo difficulties when there is a blockage on the opening of Chakras. So what are the five prominent problems that everyone has that force one to consider the logic behind healing Chakras? These five pointers are mentioned below:

  1. Is this just hormonal or an actual chakra imbalance?
  2. Not able to identify which chakra is imbalanced since the emotions are way too overwhelming
  3. Not having enough patience and hence needing a quick resolution
  4. Will the said healing ritual actually work?
  5. Can I trust the practitioner?


Let us now pick each of these problems. 

Is this just a hormonal imbalance or an actual chakra imbalance?

This holds specifically true for women because, be it their monthly menstruation cycles, the menopausal period, or just life, as usual, the hormones constantly fluctuate. Also, with our lifestyles, other repressed feelings are always coming out. In such a situation, it becomes way too tough to realize if our energy centers need healing or if we just need detox to set ourselves on the calmer path again.

Not able to identify which chakra is imbalanced since the emotions are way too overwhelming

Building on where we left off, humans do not think unilaterally. Also, bodily functions are supremely interrelated. For instance, someone under extreme stress will start facing stomach troubles and general apathy. While the crown chakra may be imbalanced, the physiological symptoms will point toward the heart and solar plexus chakra. To begin the chakra healing ritual or chakra balancing, one must first identify the imbalanced chakras. There are clear signs, though, and we have prepared dedicated checklists for you.

To see which chakra is imbalanced, refer to these blogs of ours https://www.kanyalife.com/blogs/blogs

Not having enough patience and hence needing a quick resolution.

Chakra balancing rituals like alternative medicine forms like Ayurveda, Yunani, and the like take time to show results. However, the benefit is the lack of side effects and holistic improvement in health. The point is that all good things take time, so if you want a good, long-term resolution, too, then have some patience and don’t panic because it didn’t work yesterday!

Will the said healing ritual actually work?

This is a concern, and we can understand where it stems from. Hence, we have created a dedicated blog addressing healing rituals. While this one is about root chakra healing, the same can be extended to other chakras.

Can you trust the practitioner?

Again, one of the key aspects for any healing ritual to do well is for the practitioner to have faith in it. If you do not trust any part of the process, it will also not heal you. We don’t say that the healing rituals are like placebos that only have a psychological impact. But, these processes are about internalizing the importance, so it is vital to believe in them.

For instance, you are trying yoga with someone, and you keep questioning the relevance and efficacy of the same. Sooner or later, you’ll skip taking the sessions or start denying the impacts. Your body is a slave to your brain; hence, if you are convinced that something won’t work, it won’t!

So, folks, that was it from our side on the major problems one can undergo while indulging in chakra healing rituals. We also want to mention that sometimes when things start going right, and the chakras start healing, we feel that it is all okay and end the practice randomly. Do not ever do that!

Follow the process till its end, and believe us when we say this, the results will be long-lasting, and the calm you’ll experience will be simply unparalleled.

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