The 9 Weekend Rituals To Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Given the lifestyles we all lead, it is quite common to feel burnout or extremely tired. It is also okay to feel that you may need some alone time once in a while. However, with so much happening around all the time, it may feel difficult to take some time out for yourself other than on the weekends. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about 9 extremely basic weekend rituals that you can indulge in to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


1) Go for a Change of Scenery

We know that some of you may be going to work at office or may be having a job that requires you to travel. However, when we say outdoors, we mean a place of peace and quiet. Even if it is a few moments of peace in the park close to where you live or your terrace garden or simply a room of your house you do not usually visit- all of it will count as outdoors.

So basically, it is about experiencing a different scenery than your usual- something that will feel like a break from the mundane. 


2) Read a Book or Magazine

You can do some Netflix and chill as well but we would suggest to avoid doing it a lot because your eyes need to be rested too. The better option is to read a book, or a newspaper, a book of jokes, a children’s book- anything that interests you. As a matter of fact, we have found that reading children’s books really helps.

You see, they have simple stories, are full of lovely illustrations, always have positive messages and a beautifully put happy ending. Now you tell us- wouldn’t you want some of that?


3) Make a Favourite Meal or Snack

Cooking has been found to be therapeutic by many peoples. As the author of this blog, the person writing doesn’t really get it (because dishes have to be done too :P) but whatever makes you happy!! Jokes apart, the sweet aroma of the food being cooked really helps soothe the nerves.

Plus, it also helps take the mind off of the usual stuff which can act as the much needed break.


4) Meditation and Breathing Exercises

When we work or are in the usual flow of life over the weekend, it can be really tough to find some peace and solace. However, a weekend can provide the much needed break. Choose this time to meditate and practise breathing. You can also choose to listen to slow music or soothing vibrations, indulge in a spa experience maybe- anything that suits you to quieten your racing mind.

This will help you to destress and focus more on the present and fret less about the past or the future.


5) An outing with Friends

Friends, family or pets- any being that you prefer spending time with, go ahead and spend time with them. We may fast be turning into a population that prefers privacy but meeting with people and sharing time and emotions helps a lot.

It changes mood, brings back happy memories and takes your time off of life’s stress. 


6) Rest and Relaxation

Just rest! Say no to work! If you feel like sleeping all the day- go ahead do that. You need to understand that sometimes you need to unplug to charge up. And believe us when we say this, even if it means that you do not maintain a schedule and go about being random with the day- go ahead and do that!

Remember, it is your day, your time and your turn to relax, so why not!!


7) Try a New Exercise Class

You can do some yoga, you can do some yoga with pets, you can go for a run or a stroll in the park. If you are someone who loves extensive workout then maybe hit the gym too.

Exercising boosts serotonin production which promotes happiness and who knows, you may lose a few inches too!


8) Book a Dream Holiday

Take that weekend getaway or simply take a couple of days, couple them with your weekend and finally go on that holiday that you have been planning for so long. Experience the new sights, the new sounds, the experiences and of course the new food.

By booking the trip of a lifetime, you’re setting goals and finding a new sense of self-fulfillment.


9) Explore a New Hobby

Or, in case you haven’t been indulging in your own hobbies, pick them up again. In case you are a pet lover, there are the options to become a foster parent. While that may not be a hobby, yet dogs make for good therapy animals and hence you can have some fun time with them while simultaneously helping them as well. Other than this, you can take up scrapbooking, writing letters, painting, singing, writing, reading, dancing, learning a musical instrument- anything that you have always wanted to do but couldn’t do!


You see, all in all, to rejuvenate your mind, all you need to do is break the chain of your mundane life and do an activity which you haven’t done usually. Any fresh stimulus and the mind responds afresh! Also Look How to start your chakra balancing process with a Ritual Bath?

Believe us when we say this but if you rest, take a pause to reflect- it really helps to freshen up. Why not try the pointers we shared and let us know how it worked out for you!

We’ll be waiting for your message.

Until next time!

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