• How To Awaken The Muladhara Chakra

    How To Awaken The Muladhara Chakra
    Muladhara chakra, or the root plexus chakra, is the first chakra and can be activated through several mudras, asanas, mantras, and visualizations. The Muladhara chakra is the easiest of all the chakras to activate and even more so through meditation. This blog will talk about the various asanas used to awaken the muladhara chakra. Nasikagra Drishti or Nose Tip Gazing The Muladhara chakra is related to the earth element, representing the sense of smell. Nasikagra Drishti or Agochari Mudra can be done in any comfortable sitting posture. One needs to keep the spine straight with palms...
  • The 9 Weekend Rituals To Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Soul

    The 9 Weekend Rituals To Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, And Soul
    Given the lifestyles we all lead, it is quite common to feel burnout or extremely tired. It is also okay to feel that you may need some alone time once in a while. However, with so much happening around all the time, it may feel difficult to take some time out for yourself other than on the weekends. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about 9 extremely basic weekend rituals that you can indulge in to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.   1) Go for a Change of Scenery We know that some of...
  • Yoga As A Means To Chakra Balancing

    Yoga As A Means To Chakra Balancing
    Your chakras need to stay open for a fully functioning body. But sometimes, for some reason, your chakras can get blocked or imbalanced. Chakra balancing throughout your body can help you advance spiritually, break down mental boundaries and expand your Consciousness. When a chakra or a wheel of energy is stuck, it may be useful to release the prana through movement. Doing Yoga is the best way for chakra balancing as it removes stuck energy from the body because it invites fresh, vital energy back in through poses and the breath.  Before we learn what Yoga...
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