PMS Troubles And How Can Natural Remedies Help In Fighting Them Off

You are most likely to face some period-related symptoms. It is not a big worry for most women, maybe just a sweet tooth or delicate breasts. The days leading up to their menstruation might be difficult for many people. You might well have premenstrual syndrome if it interferes with your regular life. There are multiple ways to manage PMS. One of them is Sacral Chakra healing. When Chakra is out of harmony, energy flow may be hindered, which is harmful to one's mental and spiritual health. This blog will discuss PMS troubles and how Natural remedies help fight them off. 

What is PMS?

The broad array of psychiatric and physical symptoms that people encounter before their menstruation is referred to as PMS. The symptoms are probably brought on by regular changes in hormone levels, particularly those of estrogen and progesterone, in the week or so before menstruation. There are many diverse signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), including mood swings, sensitive breasts, food cravings, exhaustion, irritability, and sadness. 

Premenstrual syndrome is thought to have affected up to 3 out of every four women who are menstruating. However, the emotional and physical one may go through with premenstrual syndrome can range from hardly perceptible to severe. Serotonin levels may be impacted by the decline in estrogen. A brain chemical called serotonin helps control mood, sleep, and appetite, all of which are disrupted by PMS. It is uncommon to experience severe or incapacitating PMS symptoms, which may be a symptom of underlying medical illness. 

Causes of PMS

There is no exact cause of PMS, but there are many variables that could be to blame. PMS symptoms may be brought on by fluctuations in serotonin, a brain chemical neurotransmitter comprehended as mood conditions. Premenstrual depression, exhaustion, food craving, and sleeping issues may all be brought on by low serotonin levels. Even though depression may not necessarily cause all of the symptoms in all women with several premenstrual syndromes, some go undetected. Premental syndromes symptoms signs alter with hormonal changes and go away through pregnancy and menopause alteration in neurochemistry. 

What is Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra sometimes referred to as the Swadhisthana, is the second Chakra according to Yoga philosophy. It is situated around the female vaginal region and ovaries in the abdominal area, below the coccyx. Since the Chakra is all about enjoyment, feelings, sensuality, and relationships, it is probably crucial to many areas of your life. Here, both physical and emotional feelings are sensuality, and relationships are probably essential to many areas of your life. Here, both physical and emotional are channeled, and it's a stronghold for your sensuality and self-assurance. 

An underactive Sacral chakra is something we want to avoid since it governs how you perceive the world around you. While controlling your expressions, desires, and ambitions in all their manifestation, an open Sacral, on the other hand, will let you experience life's many beautiful things. Water is a dynamic element that offers movement and flow to the environment, and your personality is associated with this Chakra. It's about flexibility.

Natural remedies for PMS using Sacral chakra Healing. 

Orange, a color of passion, pleasure, and joy, is a color attributed to Sacral chakra healing. Orange-flowing clothing or accessories might help you feel more energized throughout the day. Deep breathing while converting on your lower part of the abdomen and an orange lotus symbol are both thought to harmonize the Sacral chakra healing. 

Yoga for Sacral Chakra Healing

Ancient Hindu traditions gave rise to the concept of Chakra, which has since spread to Buddhism and other forms of spirituality like Yoga. The notion is that there are additional components to the physical human body, in addition to bones, muscles, organs, and skin. The physical body is surrounded by some levels of energy fields.

Unblocking the Chakras will allow your prana or energy to flow freely throughout your body, which is the fundamental objective of a thorough chakra yoga practice. This practice may incorporate specific asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques to balance and purify all the Nadis and Chakras or just those that need to be restored. 

Essential Oils for Chakra Healing

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylan essential oil is the only one you will ever need for Sacral chakra healing. This oil is versatile since it does maintenance and blockage removal in addition to the problematic healing work. One of the first antidepressants ever identified, it functions as a natural mood stabilizer. Another factor contributing to how well it supports Sacral chakra healing and harmonizing is the fact that it serves well as an aphrodisiac. This balancing starts in the spiritual by balancing the feminine energy within you.

It flows through the subtle and physical bodies to balance and correct any areas that need it. Benefits can be obtained by diffusing this chakra healing oil while focusing on the Sacral Chakra. 


Your regular sleep patterns may be made difficult or disturbed by PMS. You'll feel worn out after the lack of sleep, and your mood and your general health will suffer greatly. To harmonize your Sacral Chakra, Lavender is one of the most refined essential oils for PMS hormones.

Before going to bed, use it by adding ten drops of lavender to a diffuser. You can also use this chakra healing oil's a few droplets in a late-night bath or immediately apply it to the stomach to relieve cramps.

Clary Sage

One of the best Sacral Chakra healing oils for PMS hormones is clary sage since it might make you feel less stressed. Its fragrance has been demonstrated to lower stress levels, allowing the adrenals to rest and recover. Additionally, it can support the balancing of thyroid hormones. This Chakra healing essential oil may enhance the ovaries' balance and wellbeing by supporting the function of two of the circuit's organs.

Furthermore, you can apply clary sage on your abdomen to ease period pains. You may dab it on your pulse points or put it in a diffuser to encourage serenity. 


Sandalwood is a great essential oil for the wellbeing of the Sacral Chakra. You need sandalwood oil since many ancient cultures used it for its purifying and healing properties. It provides a meaningful floral fragrance that acts as a reminder to the mind to stay grounded.

You can massage this chakra healing oil on your lower belly to feel relief from PMS pain. 


It balances progesterone levels, making it one of the most beneficial essential oils for PMS hormones. The body uses progesterone for a variety of vital functions. It balances estrogen through the cycle, and lost estrogen levels can cause symptoms including mood swings, weight gain, and insomnia.

Thyme Chakra healing essential oils have phytoestrogen, which can assist in maintaining a healthy balance of progesterone. 

Kanya Life - Your pathway to Sacral chakra Healing

Using essential oils helps focus specific energies toward spiritual development and healing, as well as enables us to gain the knowledge held inside our chakras. The best essential oils for Sacral Chakra from Kanya Life help harmonize the Sacral Chakra. Our sacral oil blend helps in harmonizing the sacral chakra and it is entirely vegan, devoid of palm oil, nuts, and other allergies, and it nourishes you from the inside out. The Sacral chakra spa set is a great option for better health and mental peace. 

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