Mental Health And Emotions: Why Recent Mothers Need Extra Self-Care

Motherhood is a special feeling that brings along a barrage of conflicting emotions. One moment, you would be looking at your little one and feeling at the top of the world, and the very next moment, you will be bogged down by concerns about your life ahead, your baby’s life ahead, your career, and maybe what to cook in the next meal too. The hormones are so highly at play that it becomes tough to make sense of everything happening around you.

And while all this, you as a mother must keep awake, feed the baby, do its chores, do your chores, and much more. All of this can get overwhelming, so the need for self-care becomes all the more critical. Post-partum depression is getting increasingly common these days. It has nothing to do with how good a mother is, but it has a lot to do with how much the mother is being taken care of. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss why it is essential that new mothers take extra care of themselves to benefit their babies and themselves.

Why do Mothers Ignore their Mental Health?

There are many reasons why mothers do not prioritize themselves, and while love for their baby is significant, it isn’t the only one. Many mothers do not care for themselves because they don’t know they have to. A lot of times, they are not even able to make sense of why all of that is happening to them and pass it off as usual. Contrary to this, these new mothers could be depressed, anxious, or suffering from severe post-partum depression, much on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Sometimes it also happens that even though the mothers feel the need to take some help, they cannot ask for it, given the attached stigma. There is so much pressure to be this role model, the perfect mother, that they do not realize their vulnerabilities.

Understanding Postpartum Depression

Before we delve into the understanding of postpartum depression and its signs, we want to tell you that it can significantly hamper a child’s experiences too. After all, the child’s only window to the world is its mother. Let us have a look at some significant signs of Postpartum Depression: 

  • Notably, depressed mood or severe mood swings
  • Having trouble bonding with the baby
  • Lack of sleep or the need to sleep excessively
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Reduced interest in the daily activities
  • Thoughts about harming your baby

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you must reach out to a mental health professional. In the interim, take deep breaths, meditate, and listen to soothing music. Taking long warm showers can also help. Burn incense or light-scented candles (preferably lavender) to soothe your nerves. Also, if you choose to go to a therapist, please be as candid and open as possible to address your concerns adequately.

The Role Of A Family In Maintaining A Mother’s Mental Health


Families play an essential role in ensuring that a mother’s mental health is maintained. Often it is seen that fathers do not actively participate in rearing the child. The responsibility is somehow considered to be of the woman alone. However, if some of this responsibility is shared and the mother is given some time to rest and recuperate, it can help.

Plus, some additional support, such as giving positive affirmations to the mother, appreciating her strength, being kind to her, and looking after her dietary requirements in general, can also come together to ensure that the new mother remains happy and healthy.

Self-Care Needs Effort, But It Is Worth It.


Let us now pick the specific case of working mothers. These ladies have had their plates full anyway, and a baby adds multiple responsibilities to their life. Now, you must take care of work, family, and a newborn who probably needs you all the time. Finding time for yourself becomes even more difficult in such a situation as you see yourself lagging behind on almost every front. However, it is all the more necessary for you to pause and reflect. If you take a break and return later, you’ll observe that your efficiencies have increased significantly. 

And you don’t have to go AWOL like that. Go for a walk, catch some sleep, go to your favorite ice cream place and get some ice cream, or maybe sit in a park and get some moments of peace. All of these go a long way in helping you relax, and if you feel that none of these is working, take professional help without thinking twice.

We would also like to mention that many professional therapists provide consultation online; hence, if you are significantly strapped for time, try those. That should help you out.


For most mothers, the social conditioning has been such that they find it challenging to prioritize themselves at any stage of life, even more so when they become mothers. However, it is high time that it is understood that taking care of your health is also essential for the child’s upbringing. You should look at the Self-Care Gifts For Mother'sSo, make sure that you take care of yourself too! After all, you need to be there for your kid, and you cannot do it if you aren’t well!

So, Take Care!

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