The 15 Crown Chakra Affirmations And How Do They Heal You

The professionals who deal with Chakra balancing or healing maintain that an  affirmation is a combination of intention, spoken word, and mindfulness that harnesses the power of the present moment Several researchers have also found that people with low self-esteem felt better when they repeated a positive statement about themselves than when they did not.

As is abundantly clear by now, positive affirmations help. They are a constant reminder to ourselves about how good we are. These affirmations help us remember the multitude of good things about us which we often forget in the vagaries of life.

What Is Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra symbolizes our link to the Divine Source at various levels of consciousness. The crown chakra is also an indicative energy form that corresponds to the higher thoughts and spirituality. It is also considered to be responsible for the functioning of the brain and the corresponding cognizance of the self and surrounding.


To sum up, the crown chakra is associated with the following aspects:

  • Higher consciousness levels- Higher consciousness is the word used to describe a state of enhanced awareness and observation that enables people to comprehend reality fully. These mental states elevate consciousness above selfishness and craving.
  • Nonduality- Non-dualism is another name for unity. 
  • Self-realization- Understanding self-worth and individuality.
  • Thorough understanding of the Universe- Apprehending the real meaning behind human existence and going deeper into understanding the word spirituality.

Symptoms of an unbalanced crown chakra include:

  • The spiritual disconnectivity- Our crown chakra is where we get our sense of unity and oneness. However, a blocked Crown Chakra might make us feel lose interest. (Note: Being introverted is not the same as feeling indifferent.) 
  • Feeling of Negativity- If you're unusually pessimistic or have a cynical attitude toward life, you might have an underactive crown chakra. It's important to remember that our crown chakra's function is to embody a pure and nonjudgmental connection, and it might be challenging to do so if we have a pessimistic outlook.
  • Apathy- When we cannot connect with someone's circumstance, it may be a sign that this Chakra is overactive since this Chakra assists us in being one with the universe. 
  • Materialism- When our higher selves are not defined by money or earthly items our crown chakra might be underactive. Also, when we sense a feeling of greed or feel an attachment to material things, our Crown Chakra might have been blocked.

So can Affirmation help in crown chakra healing

How To Apply Affirmation In Life For Crown Chakra Healing?

Because our reality is a product of our ideas, attention, and emotions; affirmations have a way of making things happen. We can receive divine energy, experience bliss, and establish a direct link to our soul's purpose when the crown chakra opens. Fortifying affirmations for the crown chakra can give our souls a chance to submit to a greater force, their purpose, their truth, and a location outside their physical bodies.

Chakra affirmations for crown chakra healing can be incorporated into your life in various ways. You can add them to prayers, listen to a recording, or include them in your meditation routine. You can write this down in your diary to increase your awareness of your actions and reaffirm your Affirmation.

Also, you can write out your crown chakra affirmation for crown chakra healing and post it somewhere you can see it daily to help you stay focused and connected to your Chakra throughout the day. Now, suppose you want to have a particular time assigned to call out those affirmations. In that case, it is suggested to pick a peaceful location to practice meditation for crown chakra healing, even for only five minutes. This lets your crown chakra relax into your inner wisdom.

What Are The 15 Crown Chakra Affirmations Which You Should Consider For Crown Chakra Healing?


The mantra for the crown chakra healing is "Om" or "Aum" (note that mantra is not the same as Affirmation). You can always use this mantra to connect to your Affirmation, but traditionally, it's repeated at the start and finish of a yoga session.

Om is translated as "source" or "supreme" in Sanskrit, and many yogis consider it to be the sound of the cosmos. Calling out 'Om,' we physically acknowledge our connection to all living things, the universe, and the divine. We throw the light on our Crown Chakra when we say this mantra together with our crown chakra healing affirmations.

So, the affirmations are-

  1. I am at my purest, most genuine self.
  2. LOVE IS ME. I'm a light. I am a part of everything.
  3. I feel peaceful.
  4. The universe and I are interconnected.
  5. I welcome faith, and I remove uncertainty.
  6. I am in tune with the love vibration that is at its maximum.
  7. I pay attention to the guidance of the universe and trust my instincts.
  8. I have a physical body, but I am a spiritual entity.
  9. I am dazzling, lovely, and pure light.
  10. I have a tremendous inner calm and deserve divine energy and unwavering love.
  11. The world is interconnected.
  12. Through me, eternal peace flows.
  13. I'm willing to release my attachments.
  14. I try to stay in the here and now.
  15. I try to stay in the present, here and now.

While Wrapping Up

Although it might not be effective for everyone, there is some evidence that repeated affirmations for crown chakra healing can positively influence behavior. According to many experts, you'll know your affirmations are effective when the principle you've been using starts to manifest in your life. Use Essential oil for Crown Chakra.

Lastly, there is absolutely no harm in trying these out so why not? 

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