Why Are Body Oil Better Than Moisturizers- 7 Reasons For The Same

Using natural body oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter oil has been a tried-and-true way to treat skin problems and keep hair healthy since ancient times. People have praised their antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing qualities for decades. Winter skincare should contain moisturizers like body oil or lotion to protect the skin from dry air.

Even though body lotion and body oil seem to do the same thing, in this article, we are going to talk about how and why body oil is better than moisturizers.

Who can use Body Oils?

Body oils are very popular because they can be used in many ways. People with dry skin who are more likely to get rosacea or eczema may benefit from a vegan and organic body oil because their skin may naturally make less than others. This will help make up for any natural body oils your skin might be missing and also help keep moisture in.


Besides that, pregnant women can use body oils to ease pain, relax muscles, and even make scars and stretch marks less noticeable. Body oils can be bought in health food stores or online. But it would be best to talk to your primary care doctor before using any body oil since some aren't safe to use while pregnant.

Putting on nourishing body oils is another great way to pay attention to body parts that are often ignored. This can be done on many different skin types. Also, they are an easy and effective way to improve your self-care routines and show yourself some much-needed TLC.

Is it a good idea to use body oil instead of lotion?

This doesn't mean that body oil is better than a moisturizer. Body oil is better than lotion. We can't say that one course of action is better than the others. As part of your daily body care routine, you can't go wrong with either of these products. Of course, different formulas work best in different situations. 

How and When Should I Use Body oil?

Your skin naturally makes oils, but you can get rid of them by washing, and oil production can slow down as you get older. Here's where body oil can save you by giving your skin back the moisture and nutrients it lost when the environment dried it out. Body oils are another great, easy way to keep the skin moist because they are quickly absorbed by the skin. In the warmer months, body oils are a great alternative to heavy, greasy lotions and moisturizers because the skin quickly absorbs them.

And since we tend to show more skin when it gets warmer, rubbing body oil into our arms and legs might make us look healthier and more rested.

Benefits of Body oils

Body oils are better at keeping moisture in than other things.

When you hear that body oil is "lipophilic," it means that it mixes well with other oils, like the sebum your skin makes naturally. Because of this, the body oil can go deeper into the skin and help keep moisture below the surface. Body oils are the best way to mimic the sebum that your skin makes on its own. If you have oily skin or skin that is prone to acne, you should use body oils because they help keep your skin from making too much sebum. Because of this, your skin won't try to make up for it by making too much body oil, which can clog pores and cause pimples.

Body oils can be preserved without any chemicals or other additives.

When making lotions, water and oil are mixed, but like in a salad dressing jar, these two things don't get along very well. With the help of chemicals and emulsifiers, oil and water are mixed to make lotion. Preservatives like parabens or other synthetic substances are added to keep bacteria from growing in the ointment. This means that the cream can last for a long time. Body oils don't need preservatives because they are anhydrous, which means they don't have any water in them. But preservatives often make other problems worse.

Body oils can be used to stop condensation.

After you get out of the shower and dry off, put some body oil on to help keep your skin moist. Body oils made with skincare ingredients from plants like jojoba, sunflower seed, and avocado are especially good at locking in moisture because these natural compounds are similar to those already in our skin. Your skin can retain more moisture because these oils are quickly absorbed and can help repair the skin's moisture barrier.

Body oils are biologically active and give the skin vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

A chemical's bioactivity is measured by how much of it is taken in by the body when it is put on the skin. The skin quickly absorbs the vitamins and nutrients in essential oils because they are lipophilic and have small molecules. This makes a more substantial barrier against moisture and helps the skin's cells get healthier. On the other hand, lotions can be moisturizing, but they tend to sit on the skin's surface until they are washed off.

Body oils can change the skin's surface and help heal damage there.

If your skin has ever felt dry, tight, or itchy, your skin's outermost moisture barrier may have been broken. But what is a moisture barrier, and how does one fall apart? Its job is to keep water from evaporating and from leaving the skin. This keeps germs and other environmental irritants from getting deeper into the skin. When environmental aggressors like harsh chemicals, too much exfoliation, or pollution break down your skin's protective moisture barrier, fine lines, wrinkles, and spots are more likely to appear.

Harsh chemicals, too much exfoliation, and environmental pollution can all cause these tiny cracks.


Essential oils can get deeper into the skin than lotions, which tend to sit on top of the skin. Rosehip, jojoba, and carrot seed are just some of the natural ingredients in essential oils that help fix broken moisture barriers.

Body oils protect the body from free radicals and toxins in the environment because they are high in antioxidants.

Body oils can keep the good and bad things out because they are pure and don't have any fillers or water in them. Free radicals are pollution, cigarette smoke, the sun, and pesticides that can damage the skin and speed up aging. If you switch to an oil that protects the skin from the inside out, it's less likely that the skin will be damaged on the outside by things that irritate you. Oils keep moisture from leaving the body from the inside out.

Cypress and squalane oils protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and normal wear and tear. Some skin problems these oils might help with are dullness, wrinkles that show up too soon, and discoloration.

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