Heart Chakra Stones: 11 Essential Crystals To Expand Love

The heart chakra is all about being in cognizance of one’s emotions

What Do You Understand By Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is a magnificent link between the lower foundation and upper spiritual chakras. It is the source of all your love and compassion directed towards forgiveness, self-care, self-trust, empathy, and connection to others. It is where your emotional energy cultivates. It is also known by the Sanskrit word Anahata. 

Well, self-love is something important that we should practice. Therefore, make the decisions that are in our best interests, like letting go of old traumas that are holding us back. And nurture ourselves for a brighter future. 

Can Heart Chakra Stones help us? Which Heart Chakra Stones should you have in your life for a happy beginning?

11 Important Heart Chakra Stones That Will Transform Your Life

1) Rose Quartz

This pink-colored stone is the master of the heart chakra stones, denoting unconditional love. These Heart Chakra stones symbolize sensitivity, kindness, and compassion. Rose Quartz also promotes sympathetic and empathetic senses when worn while healing and consoling the spiritual self in various ways.

2) Emerald Heart Stone

The Emerald Heart Chakra stones are a symbol of knowledge and amazement. This gem vibrates a positive aura of harmony, stability, and endearment with everyone around and oneself. When one wears emeralds, they feel more at ease in their interactions, showing and promoting an open and liberated mindset. This stone heals the traumatized self, making them more positive and optimistic in their approaches to life.

3) Rhodonite

Rhodonite shines in rich and vibrant red and pink hue. This crystal is also referred to as a rescue gem, which balances the heart and root chakra simultaneously, and is one of the most incredible crystal choices you should include in your life. 

It becomes pretty effortless when you open your heart to strengthen your mind power. But it is only possible when your emotional foundations are solid. These red crystals are the answer to your question. This gem, when worn, provides stability to your emotional balance, helping you a lot to manage life.

4) Green Jade

There's a reason why Green Jade has long been appreciated as a mascot for a bright future. It's a stone symbolizing great luck (yes, even in love). Jade is also a mark of calmness, success, and joy. This stone is the perfect amulet for anyone who wants to celebrate self-made achievement.

5) Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is a beautiful stone that, when worn; its vibration promotes healthy ambitions and positivity. These heart chakra stones encourage compassion by improving your spiritual balance while clearing the blockage at the heart chakra with its positive spirit.

6) Peridot

Peridot emanates a beautiful beam of light that which, when worn, energizes the heart chakra. One look at this jewel will instantly warm your heart because it has luscious brilliance. 

Peridot promotes the maintenance of emotional stability while helping the wearer to let go of narcissistic tendencies. This gem also encourages happy vibrations in our lives. Further, this vibrant gem is also beneficial for balancing the solar plexus chakra.

7) Amazonite

The fighting spirit of an Amazonite is unrestrained, wild, and filled with emotion. This stunning blue and green stone are packed with energy that dominantly unblocks the throat and heart chakras. According to experts, Amazonite was the gem that the Amazonians used to ornament their shields. This crystal shakes off anxious emotions radiating optimistic vibrations, and healing and treating spiritual well-being. 


8) Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine constantly supports the healthy balance of your heart Chakra allowing you to access positive earth energy. This crystal enhances and promotes human connection to nature, enabling one to experience greater harmony and calmness to confidently embrace opportunity and prosperity.

9) Malachite

The green and black Malachite stone symbolizes incredible strength and power that primarily impacts the throat and heart chakra. When these two things are balanced, the one wearing the stone can enter a stable mindset which is pretty essential to living a happy and healthy life.

10) Prehnite

Golden Prehnite radiates an energizing vibration that balances both the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. This gem can be an incredible healing tool that keeps your heart at peace. Further, Prehnite is crucial for keeping you kind, open, and free from burnout, especially if you're a healer, empath, or shaman. 

11) Chrysoprase

The Chrysoprase is an apple-green colored stone that stabilizes your heart chakra, which also goes by the name "stone of heavenly truth,". This gem reminds us that wisdom is found in the depths of our minds and hearts. Therefore it is important to keep your heart chakra balanced. Lastly, these lively heart chakra stones exude the spirit of spring, which you can wear as a pendant for daily occasions. 

While Wrapping Up

Well, one feels satisfied and happy when our Heart Chakra is balanced. This steady spiritual state motivates us to trust without fear and fills us with the essence of love. It serves as a reminder that we are part of something greater, and that reason will effortlessly make us happy.

Also, having an open heart chakra can resolve many of life's challenges. So why not take the opportunity and grab the Heart Chakra stones today to begin fresh and enjoy another hidden sphere of life?

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