• 10 Ways To Use Essential Oils Without A Diffuser

    10 Ways To Use Essential Oils Without A Diffuser
    One of the most common ways of using essential oils is through diffusers. There are very few of us who take the pain to mix the essential oils with the respective carrier oils and then apply them on our body or use in the wash. Mostly, it is just a few drops put in a diffuser and then enjoying the sweet smelling ambience. However, everytime you think of starting a new self care regime, you do not really have to go on a shopping spree. So, in this blog, we will talk about the 10 amazing...
  • Heart Chakra Stones: 11 Essential Crystals To Expand Love

    Heart Chakra Stones: 11 Essential Crystals To Expand Love
    The heart chakra is all about being in cognizance of one’s emotions What Do You Understand By Heart Chakra? The heart chakra is a magnificent link between the lower foundation and upper spiritual chakras. It is the source of all your love and compassion directed towards forgiveness, self-care, self-trust, empathy, and connection to others. It is where your emotional energy cultivates. It is also known by the Sanskrit word Anahata.  Well, self-love is something important that we should practice. Therefore, make the decisions that are in our best interests, like letting go of old traumas that...
  • Top 10 Throat Chakra Essential Oils

    Top 10 Throat Chakra Essential Oils
    The throat chakra, also known as the vishuddha chakra, is the body’s communication hub. It is the chakra where you find your voice, from where you sing praises, and from where you speak your truth. The throat chakra is associated with speaking and expressing as well as hearing and being heard. Some common signs of the throat chakra being blocked or imbalanced include: Difficulty in expressing yourself Talking without any thought Feeling shy Insensitivity toward other’s feelings Constant exhibition of insecurity and social anxiety Difficulty in making sound decisions   The throat chakra, just like other...
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