7 Chakra Meditations To Keep You In Balance

What Are Best Guided Chakra Meditation To Practice?

Root Chakra

Try this best guided chakra meditation to open your root chakra if you're experiencing significant life changes, feeling unsettled, or overwhelmed with uncertainty-

  • To make a connection to the earth element, consider performing this best guided chakra meditation sitting on the ground. You can also put your feet firmly on the ground if you are seated in a chair. However, please lie down on the floor for this exercise.
  • Now, imagine a ruby-red sphere of light shining on the base of your pelvic zone as you close your eyes and focus on the foundation of your spine. If you're lying down, the light may fill the entire area where your legs and feet are in contact with the earth. Alternatively, it may shine down your legs and onto your feet.
  • Take a deep breath. Imagine strengthening the structural underpinnings of your body with each breath while spreading your roots far and deep.
  • Draw energy up your roots into the glowing red area just in front of your tailbone with each inhalation, and send it back down and wide into the ground below you with each exhalation.

best guided chakra meditation

What Else? Playing drums or tribal music while performing this best guided chakra meditation can be effective. Also, chanting the sound 'Lam' to awaken the earth element in your body is additional supporting practice.

Sacral Chakra

With this best guided chakra meditation, you can learn to trust your emotional intelligence, which will enable your feelings to pass through you easily. Spend quality time with this Sacral Chakra practice to open your emotional center when you feel rigid or stuck.

  • Allow the area around your lower back and hips to relax by sitting so that your hips are higher than your knees. Before you achieve stillness, rock your pelvis a few times back and forth to open the area around your sacrum.
  • Imagine a gorgeous, colorful setting sun as it descends over the ocean horizon, floating right in the middle of your pelvic bowl, halfway between your navel and your pubic bone. Your inner body is infused with a brilliant orange glow that bounces off the calm waves of the water below.
  • Start to visualize your breath as the ocean's waves as you breathe, with inhalations bringing the waves to the shore and exhalations drawing them back into the water. Your breath continues to move even though your body is stationary, and you can see it pause between cycles.
  • Imagine any trapped emotional energy being washed over and through your body, purifying you from the inside out as you focus on your breath and the water element during your best guided chakra meditation.

best guided chakra meditation

What Else? Other helpful techniques include practicing while listening to a recording of ocean sounds or doing this best guided chakra meditation while sitting next to the water while chanting the sound 'Vam.'

Solar Plexus Chakra

When you feel weak, unworthy, or insecure, boosting the energy in your Solar Plexus will help you remember your strength and power. As you connect to your inner warrior, infuse yourself with courage, self-control, and assurance.

  • Start by sitting comfortably with a tall, relaxed spine. Now, massage your hands on your tummy in counterclockwise circles. This motion will not only help to maintain a healthy digestive fire, but it will also relax the stomach, which can become tense when feelings of unworthiness surface.
  • Release your hands onto your thighs after making 7–10 circular motions over your stomach. Then, breathe in deeply. Tone your abdominal muscles gently as you exhale, and let the belly become relaxed and complete as you inhale. The subtle Ujjayi breath from this pattern will help naturally warm your body from the inside out.
  • Think of the fire element consuming your feelings of inadequacy, dread, and being trapped by your surroundings. With each breath cycle, you can see the flame directly behind your naval and exhaling the smoke through your nose.

best guided chakra meditation

What Else? Light a candle or perform this best guided chakra meditation before a fire as additional supporting techniques. You could jot down your feelings on paper and safely throw them into the fire as you picture your inner flame transforming your fears. To summon the fire element, try chanting the sound, ‘Ram’.

Heart Chakra

Try this best guided chakra meditation if you're feeling isolated, lonely, or brokenhearted. Putting energy into your heart chakra will help you tune into resilience, compassion, and generosity of spirit, as well as help you connect to the subject of unconditional love.

  • Sit with your shoulders back, and your posture held high, sit tall. You must make an effort to breathe deeply throughout this practice because your lungs are a part of the heart chakra.
  • Start by visualizing your entire chest cavity filled with an emerald green light. With your concentration and breath, you can strengthen the barrier separating your heart from the difficulties and heartbreaks of life. Give this green light fuel to make you feel secure enough to give and receive love.
  • Draw your focus to the middle of your chest, towards a pink diamond that represents the spiritual heart itself after some time. You can help the world see and feel your light by allowing this heart diamond to radiate love, beauty, and goodness. The light is love, manifesting as you, so it doesn't need anything to shine upon.

What Else? Try including rose essential oil to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as additional supporting measures. You could also incorporate rose quartz or roses into your practice and prayers. "Yam' is a sound that can be chanted to activate a protected and open Heart Chakra.

Throat Chakra

This best guided chakra meditation can support creativity and artistic expression and aids in living an authentic life while assisting you in expressing yourself on all levels.

  • Before sitting comfortably in an upright position, gently circle your head and neck. Now relax your jaw while opening your mouth.
  • Imagine a bright turquoise gem sitting at the center of your throat and neck. This jewel represents your true self and the magic you have to offer the world. It contains the ideas you can express verbally, the stories you can share orally, the artwork you can present, and the music you can perform. It serves as a link between your heart and mind. Exhale your energy through your mouth or nose by inhaling it into the turquoise light placed at the base of your throat.
  • Imagine using your voice as you concentrate on your throat chakra. Let this routine assist you in contributing to the world memorably and accurately.


What Else? The throat chakra can benefit significantly from humming, chanting, or singing. Find music that speaks to you and join in by playing or singing. Try chanting the sound,  ‘Ham’, ' to widen your vocal cords and throat cavity further.

Third Eye Chakra

This best guided chakra meditation promotes mental clarity, enlarging your perspective on the future and having faith in your intuition. You can more readily overcome constricting thought patterns and develop greater insight and inventiveness by consistently meditating on your Third Eye Chakra.

  •  Sit comfortably or, better, lie down, closing your eyes. Bring energy to the third eye point by turning your gaze upward toward the area between your brows. The third eye points inward, whereas the physical eyes look outward. Imagine indigo or a deep, royal blue as you focus on this Chakra point.
  • Maintain a gentle, relaxed sensation on the skin surrounding your eyes. Refocus your attention away from the forehead towards the direction of the midbrain. See if you can catch glances of this internal light between your ears as you pay attention to the consciousness you perceive through your eyes. Let your ideas come and go like clouds, then bring your awareness back to the center of your brain. If it helps to activate the Ajna chakra from below, try reaching the roof of your mouth using the tip of your tongue.
  • Keep breathing even and steady. 

What Else? Try alternate nostril breathing, which can help calm the mind and balance the intuitive parts of the brain. Try this stress-reducing best guided chakra meditation, which has been proven to help with mental clarity in the quiet or while listening to classical music. To focus on the third eye, chant the sound, 'Sham.'

Crown Chakra

Your spiritual center or the universal power you understand can become more accessible to you due to this best guided chakra meditation. Crown chakra meditations help alleviate emotions of loneliness, weight, and hopelessness by bringing you closer to the union of all beings. Practice this best guided chakra meditation when experiencing trouble connecting to the peace, love, and meaning you want.

  • Lie back in a relaxed position with your spine straight and regal. Think of the top of your spine as a water lily, with your head floating there. Relax your jaw, brow, eyes, and neck. To stimulate and activate the crown chakra point, tap it on the top of your head a few times.
  • Now, think of a thousand-petalled, invisible lotus flower in your head so that you can fully understand yourself and the Truth and ask it to open up.
  • Visualize a purple light column rising into the sky from the middle of your head. The purple light descends into your body as you inhale and ascends towards the sky as you exhale. Consider the light as Divine consciousness filling you with each breath as it comes in. Every exhalation serves as a gift to the source.
  • Give thanks to your higher self for revealing itself to you by letting your awareness rest on the point in the center of the fictitious lotus when it feels right.

What Else? Gratitude can assist you in transcending your thinking mind and entering the spiritual realm. Amethyst, a purple stone, can also aid in arousing your higher centers. Try lying on your back if you still feel constrained by your body and mind. The crown chakra can be energized by doing a headstand or just letting your head hang off the end of the couch or bed.

While Concluding

You can use these best guided chakra meditations to open your chakra centers and ensure a smooth energy flow throughout your body. Find out which of the best guided chakra meditation neatly meets your body's needs by taking your time with each one of the processes mentioned.

Hope you get your answer very soon.  

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