7 Practical Meditations To Help Balance And Heal Your Chakras

There is more to life than we see physically. If you are a fan of a movie, you must know that numerous films talk about life, which extends more than what we can see physically. The moment you connect to the invisible energy within you that includes the seven chakras, you are opening up new pathways towards healing and growth. 

 A chakra is a wheel or a disc that refers to the energy centres in our body. Seven chakras help us to have a balance and a functional mind and body. All seven chakras need to balance as an imbalanced chakra can affect your mind and body emotionally and physically. 

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This blog will look at seven practical meditations for balancing and healing your chakras. But first, let us understand what the seven chakras are.

What are the Chakras? 

The chakra system refers to the energy systems that we have in our bodies. There are seven major chakras, each located at a specific part of your body. 

  1. Root chakra or Muladhara chakra is at the base of the spine, just above your anus. This chakra is responsible for your sense of security and stability.
  2. Sacral chakra or svadisthana chakra is behind your genitals and is responsible for your sexual and creative energy. 
  3. Solar plexus chakra or Manipura is located in your stomach area. This chakra is responsible for confidence and self-esteem. It also helps in keeping your life in control. 
  4. The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is located in the centre of our hearts. By the name, you must have guessed that this chakra is about our ability to experience love and show compassion. 
  5. The throat chakra or vishuddha is located in our throat, and this chakra is associated with our ability to communicate verbally, to speak our mind freely without any restrictions. 
  6. The third eye, Chakra or Ajna, is located between our eyes. This chakra is responsible for intuition. This chakra is associated with solid gut instinct. Ajna Chakra is also accountable for our imagination. 
  7. The Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh and the final one in all the chakras. This chakra represents the spiritual connection to oneself, others, and the universe. It also helps in understanding our life's purpose. 

Now all these seven chakras are connected. To have a healthy mind and body, these seven chakras must be balanced. The imbalance of these chakras can affect the organs that are close to these chakras. 

 Why is it important to work your Chakras 

You may have noticed that all seven chakras run along the spinal cord. Negative emotions tend to arise when prana is dormant in these seven chakras. Activating all seven chakras can open up a whole new dimension of life. Because each chakra can elicit both positive and negative emotions in us, it is critical to activate the chakras to evoke positive emotions. Meditation and other spiritual practices that are done regularly help to activate the chakras.

Seven practical meditations to heal and balance your chakras :

1) Root Chakra 

It would be great if you consider doing this meditation outside your house, maybe in the garden or lawn. Seat on the ground to fully connect with the earth element; it would be a good option if you lie down on the floor. Just make sure you are closer to mother nature. 

Now close your eyes and bring your complete awareness to the base of your spine. Start imagining a ruby red sphere of light illuminating the floor of your pelvis. If you are lying down, the light might shine through the entire area that is touching beneath you. 

Take a deep breath. Imagine fortifying your physical foundation with each breath, sending your roots deep and wide.

Draw energy up your roots into the space just in front of your glowing red tailbone, and exhale it back down and wide into the earth beneath you.


2) Sacral Chakra 

  Sit with your hips higher than your knees so your lower back and hips can relax. Before you find stillness, rock your pelvis forward and backward a few times to open up the space around the sacral centre.

Visualise a beautiful, vibrant setting sun as it lowers over the ocean's horizon line, floating right in the middle of your pelvic bowl—midway between your navel and your pubic bone. The fiery orange light permeates your inner body and reflects off the gentle waves of the water beneath it.

Begin to imagine your breath as ocean waves, with inhalations pulling the waves to shore and exhalations pulling the waves back into the sea as you breathe. Although your body is still, your breath never stops moving, and you notice the breath suspension between rounds.

Imagine any stuck emotional energy being washed over and through your system as you meditate on the breath and the water element, clearing you from the inside out.


3) Solar Plexus chakra 

Begin by sitting comfortably, tall and relaxed. Before you sit, place your hands on your belly and massage large clockwise circles. This movement will aid in the proper digestive fire and soften the stomach, which can become tense when feelings of unworthiness creep in.

After rubbing 7-10 circles on your belly, place your hands on your thighs and breathe deeply. Gently tone your abdominal muscles on exhalations, and soften and fill your belly on inhalations. This pattern will aid in support of a subtle Ujjayi breath, which will bring some natural heat to your system from within.

Visualise the element of fire burning away your feelings of fear, inadequacy, and being trapped by your circumstances. With each breath cycle, imagine the flame behind your navel and blowing the smoke out through your nose. By energetically purifying your abdominal area, it allows you to act with strength and self-assurance, as when Solar Plexus is balanced, it promotes self-esteem and self-confidence.

4) Heart Chakra 

 Sit tall, shoulders back, and proudly. Because your lungs are connected to the heart chakra, you must try to breathe deeply during this practice.

Begin by visualising an emerald green light filling your entire chest cavity. By fortifying this light with your attention and breath, you are reinforcing the shield that protects your heart from the trials and tribulations of life. Feed this green light so that it can help you feel safe to love and be loved.

After a few minutes of breathing in this space, bring your attention to the centre of your chest—a pink diamond representing the spiritual heart itself. Beyond your self-perceptions, this soft and peaceful light represents the core of who you are.

See and feel love, beauty, and goodness radiating from this heart diamond, assisting you in sharing your morning with the world. The light requires no object to shine upon; it is love, manifesting as you.


5) Throat chakra

Circulate your head and neck gently before coming to a comfortable upright position. Soften your jaw but keep your mouth closed. Let the bottom teeth separate from the top teeth, and relax the skin around your lips.

Imagine a brilliant turquoise in your throat and neck. This area's crown jewel. This gem represents your true self and the magic you have to offer the world. It contains the words you wish to share, the stories you want to tell, the art you wish to provide, and the music you wish to play. It also serves as a link between your heart and mind. Breathe energy into the turquoise light in the centre of your throat, then exhale it through your nose or mouth.

Imagine a blue light shining through your ears, allowing you to hear others and your inner voice. Balancing this chakra benefits all aspects of communication, from writing efficient and eloquent emails to having difficult conversations with family members to how you present your message through painting, photography, or song.

As you concentrate on your throat chakra, imagine yourself using your voice for good. Allow this practice to assist you in making a positive contribution to the world that is unique and authentic to you.


6) Third eye Chakra 

While sitting or lying comfortably, close your eyes. Bring energy to the third eye point by raising your gaze to the space between your brows. While the physical eyes are said to be looking outward, the third eye is said to be looking inward. Consider the colour indigo or deep, royal blue as you direct your attention to this energetic point.

Maintain soft, relaxed skin around your eyes. Draw your attention back from the forehead to the midbrain. Consider the consciousness that sees through your eyes, and see if you can catch glimpses of it between your ears. Allow thoughts to pass through you like clouds and return your awareness to the midpoint of your brain. To stimulate the Ajna chakra from beneath, press the tip of your tongue to the upper palate.

Keep your breath smooth and steady as you breathe in and out through your nose.


7) Crown Chakra 

Sit comfortably with your spine tall and regal. At the top of your spine, imagine your head floating like a water lily. Relax your jaw, neck, eyes, and brow. You could even tap a few times on the crown of your head to stimulate and awaken the crown chakra point.

Imagine an invisible lotus flower with a thousand petals in your mind. Invite it to reveal itself so that you can better understand yourself and the Truth.

Consider a column of purple light extending from the centre of your head to the sky. The purple light moves down and into your body as you inhale and up into the sky as you exhale. See the light moving in as Divine consciousness fills you with each breath. Each exhalation is to the Source.

Allow your awareness to settle on the point at the centre of the imaginary lotus when it feels natural, and thank your higher self for revealing itself to you.

 Meditation is one of the most essential practices to align yourself with the present. It can help you to reconnect with yourself and understand yourself and the world with a new perspective. You can also use essential oils for each chakra to aid healing of your mind and body. You can even use a blend of essential oils to balance your chakras. See the Positive Affirmations for your Chakra Self-Care Healing: For all 7 Chakras.

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