Why Should You Engage In Body Massages And A List Of Best Ones?

The exhausting mind and body deliberately seek a mode of relaxation to cope with this fast-paced lifestyle. Feeling not like yourself can emanate from your Chakras being unbalanced. Therefore turning towards Aromatherapy and essential oils for a thorough massage session is a good choice of action. While we will talk about it in detail, let us first set the context and understand what one means by a Chakra.

What Do You Understand By Chakra?

In Layperson's terms, Chakra is a word from Sanskrit defined as Wheel. 

In Ayurveda, the term Chakra relates to the body's energy centers that interpret an individual's psycho-emotional functions, corresponding to specific nerve stacks controlling the body's primary organs.

Now there are approximately 114 Chakras or energy centers in the body, but only 7 Charkas fall along the length of the Spines. The rest responds to the different parts and organs of the body. Chakras are believed to be essential in defining your conception and perception of reality, impacting your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. Positive Affirmations for your Chakra Self-Care Healing: For all 7 Chakras.

Owing to our lifestyle, it is common for the chakras to get imbalanced. However, they can be aligned adequately as well.

There are many ways of healing an unbalanced chakra and a commonly followed one is Aromatherapy

Why A Deep Body Message Is Important?

Most of the time, your body might feel tired and in pain after a regular workday. This is because of the accumulated stress and strain that we knowingly or unknowingly go through daily. For instance, doing a desk job might appear not to be a demanding job role at all; however, sitting in the same posture for the entire 7- 8 hours might put you in a poor health situation. 

An excellent Ayurvedic body massage concentrating on the Chakras can assist you in your process of loosening up. 

From treating your thighs, arms, back, neck, and shoulder, engaging in a well-versed Ayurvedic massage is what saves you from being irritated too. Think of it, how would you react if someone asks you the same thing twice when your neck is stiff as against the same question being put up when you are feeling healthy? 

Plus, the lightness one feels after a good massage, well nothing beats it!

What Are The Best Ayurvedic Massage Sessions Which Can Aid You With?


It is one of the majorly practiced Ayurvedic Massages, where the practitioner lathers up the person’s body with warm oil from head to toe. It is targeted at reducing the Vata dosha by applying medium pressure to the body parts with a special focus on the joints. The major advantages of Abhyanga include:


  • Improved sleep routine.
  • Improved eyesight.
  • It helps lubricate the joints.
  • Assists in maneuvering the joints. 
  • It gives sturdiness to the limbs.
  • Calms down the nerves.
  • Promotes hair quality.
  • It gives a soft and smooth feel to the skin.
  • Aids in the proper detoxification process of the body.
  • Nourishes the body, affecting the aging process.


This Ayurvedic massage involves upward strokes and is a very swift technique. The massage lets the herbal oil penetrate deep into the skin layers generating heat which is excellent for those who have frequent mood swings. You see, the internal heat helps increase the body's digestion process, making the internal systems work faster. This type of massage is an outstanding detoxification process as well. With a good massage session, you will notice a significant reduction in fluid retention and increased blood circulation.

There are two types of Udvartana massages:

1) Ruksha Udvartana-

    The massage technique includes the application of dry herbal powder in a fast upward direction.  

    2) Snigdha Udvartana- 

      The professional takes warm herbal oil applying the same to the body to prepare the skin for the next significant step, i.e., the heated herbal paste application in the fast upward direction. 

      N.B- The Udvartana treatment is usually followed by a herbal steam session, which enhances the detoxification benefits. The process highly depends on the nature and purpose behind the massage session in the first place.

      The advantages of undertaking Udvartana massage are as under:

      • Enhances the mobility of the joints.
      • The massage both exfoliates and conditions your body.
      • Improves skin texture and skin tone.
      • It's excellent for weight loss.
      • Superb for the detoxifying process.


      This choice of Ayurvedic massage is remarkable in treating and healing pain connected with the neuromuscular system and musculoskeletal systems. Kizhi massage or Potli massage involves the usual oil massage followed by the placement of heated potlis on the body. This not just absorbs the excess oil but also softens the muscles thus reducing the tension.


      The herbal combination and the warmth of the poultice notably improve blood circulation while reducing pain and stiffness. There are five types of Kizhis.

      1) Podi Kizhi-

      This massage technique can be enjoyed both with and without oil. The herbs inside the poultice are dried for days, then crushed and made into fine powder. The process is simple- the herbs are heated, placed in the potlis, and then used.

      2) Naranga Kizhi

      This Ayurvedic massage technique requires freshly cut lime which is then fried in herbal oil along with other herbal powder. The method follows dipping the poultice into warm herbal oil, then applying the same to the affected areas of the body.

      3) Navara Khizi

      The chief ingredient of this Ayurvedic massage is Navara Rice, harvested for 60 days and cultured particularly for executing this massage. Here the rice is prepared and cooked with cow's milk and herbal decoction, all packed and tied in a poultice. 


      Then the poultice is continuously dipped into warm milk and herbal decoction for the entire massage session. The ingredients utilized in the massage are highly nourishing and rejuvenating for the body.

      4) Marma Khizi

      Marma Khizi involves a secret recipe following the Kalari Lineage passed down from generation to generation. This specific breed of Ayurvedic massage was formulated to treat and heal soldiers' and warriors' injuries. But today, the practice is quite significant for treating unprecedented sports wounds.

      5) Ela Khizi

      The massage includes fresh leaves of herbal plants fried in herbal oil and other significant herbs. The poultice is then dipped into warm herbal oil and applied to the needed body parts.

      Is Ayurvedic Oil Consequential To The Body?

      Yes, of course. A massage is good for the body anyway. Imagine adding the power of herbs and essential oils to it along with the knowledge of which points should be focussed on for maximum relief. Now, wouldn’t this make the experience amazing? Well, that is what an Ayurvedic massage is.

      So, let us have a look at the major benefits of an ayurvedic massage:

      • It helps you in relieving stress and tension from the body and mind. 
      • Ayurvedic oil massage on your head aids in treating headaches.
      • Intensifies adequate blood circulation.
      • A gentle yet rigorous massage session adds tightness to the skin giving it a firm and healthier structure.
      • It improves sleeping schedules as well.

      While Ending

      Indeed engaging in an Ayurvedic massage may seem like a time taking venture. However, heard of self-care and self-love anyone? Besides, who does not enjoy an excellent healthy pampering session? These Ayurvedic massages help you relieve stress efficiently and provide substantial health benefits. Therefore, without further delay, engage in a body massage session, and do let us know how you felt afterward!

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