Heart Chakra Stones: Healing Crystals For Universal Love

The heart chakra is all about universal love. In many ways, it is also the center of the human experience. After all, everything that is seen, heard, written, or read has its essence lying in the emotion. The heart chakra is about our connection with the ambiance, the earth, and every other living being. A balanced heart chakra ritual is hence essential to maintain and restore the balance of our emotions and, therefore, our behavior.

The fourth energy center, the heart chakra, is also known as the Anahata chakra. It’s associated with the green color and denotes the level of trust, and the aura one exudes. 

Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

A person with a balanced heart chakra has a general passion for living. They are self-satisfied and wish the best for everyone too. They exhibit compassion and empathy, and no matter the circumstances, they are always in harmony with themselves. The people with a balanced heart chakra have an extremely positive aura and spread happiness and positivity everywhere they go. These people have a zest for life that easily rubs off on those around them.

Signs of a Blocked Heart Chakra

As is evident, the people who are in need of heart chakra healing exhibit a lot of negativity, a lack of confidence, and a general distrust of everyone. Some significant signs of a blocked heart chakra include

  • Continuous self-doubt
  • A feeling that they must have done something wrong because of which they have accumulated lousy karma
  • The constant feeling of loneliness and misery
  • The longing for closeness and love, and yet the inability to feel it when it is around
  • The strong sense of being misunderstood and undervalued

The Reasons behind a Blocked Heart Chakra

Some of the significant reasons behind why your heart chakra may be blocked are as under

  • Extreme romantic disappointments or disappointments in relationships
  • Stress at work or in general
  • The feeling of guilt or shame for some actions done in the past.

Heart Chakra Balancing Crystals

If you need your heart chakra to heal, using healing crystals can be very helpful. The major heart chakra healing crystals, along with their benefits and characteristics, are discussed below:


Bloodstone is of rich dark green color and has distinct red spots and patches. A beautiful luminous crystal, its significant benefits are as under

  • It helps with overall emotional healing
  • The heart chakra healing through bloodstone is gradual
  • It helps in the gradual processing of the pain by working through the causes of the blockage
  • Bloodstone aids in getting better sleep by helping the individual sink into a state of deep calm, and relaxation

Properties of BloodStone

  • Bloodstone radiates the energy of Aries, Libra, and Pisces.
  • Aries represents new beginnings, Libra represents Balance and Pisces is about unlocking passion. The Bloodstone crystal exuberates all these energies
  • Bloodstone is associated with the planet Mars, the number 4 and the number 6. These numbers are associated with stability, love, and good luck,

But how does Bloodstone help in all of that? The process is listed below:

  • Sleep with a piece of bloodstone under the pillow or next to the bed at the same level, though
  • When you start following this, note down the first thought that comes to your mind in the morning. This will help you understand what your subconscious is dealing with.

Green Aventurine

is amongst the most sought-after crystals being used by crystal healers. It is known to harmonize the yin and yang, which helps unlock the uniqueness and individuality of the person.

Properties of Green Aventurine

  • Green Aventurine symbolizes the energy of the zodiac Aries. It signifies open and honest energy, new beginnings, and soul searching
  • The ruling planet of this crystal is Mercury which signifies on-the-go happy energy.

Green Aventurine for healing

  • Sleep with green aventurine under your pillow
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse to help opportunities find their way to you
  • Wear the crystal on a pendant such that it falls closer to the level of the heart
  • Place the crystal on your chest or hold it in your hand as you meditate

Benefits of heart chakra crystal healing ritual using Green Aventurine

  • It helps forster a healthy sense of discernment
  • It promotes confidence, and acceptance of change
  • It helps soothe short temper and allows for better processing of anger
  • It helps prevail a sense of calm and peace and bring your life into its natural rhythm
  • It can ease suffering caused because of complications in relationships
  • Green Aventurine can also help in reducing the pain on account of losing a loved one

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of universal love and is often the most used crystal when it comes to heart chakra healing crystal based ritual. Given that it is the crystal of love, its resonance with the heart chakra is probably the highest. The rose quartz crystal has the following benefits:

  • It brings about a strong sense of self-love
  • It helps find intimacy, connection, and compassion
  • It helps heal past trauma or hurt

Using Rose Quartz for Heart Chakra Healing

  • Place the crystal in the windowsill of your living room
  • Place it under your pillow to promote deep sleep
  • Hold the stone in both of your hands while meditating and place the hands close to your heart
  • Lie with the stone placed on your chest and inhale and exhale deeply
  • Wear the stone as jewellery or keep it in your pocket

Tips for Intermixing the crystals for dedicated Heart Chakra Healing

It is a common practise for healers to use multiple crystals together for heart chakra healing. However, we would like to mention it that it isn’t a simple process and it is best that it shouldn’t be tried at home. 

The process involves using all of the crystals in strategic positions being placed at different body parts. This process is mostly undertaken when the situations for which the solution is being sought is extremely overwhelming or physically dangerous. Also look at the Mind-Blowing Science of the 7 chakras.


So people, this was about how to heal heart chakra using the designated crystals. While you can always engage in heart chakra healing through taking rest or engaging in spa based rituals, crystal healing isn’t a common activity and needs to be done under supervision or after prescription by a healer.

Meanwhile, you can always relax using the essence of our heart chakra essential oil.

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