12 Step Chakra Self-care Healing Ritual

Since you are here, let us ask you a question. Before we ask it, we want to tell you that there is no expectation of an answer. The purpose of this question is to help you introspect, to think about your decisions and some of the choices that you have made. Coming to the point now, why are you exploring chakras and their impact? Is it something you came across while browsing, or was it suggested by someone?

In case your answer was that you are exploring chakras for healing and self-care, you have come to the right place, and this blog is for you. This write-up will explore the 12-step chakra self-care healing ritual in detail.

If you want to read more on the specifics of the ingredients of this ritual, you can refer to another blog of ours.

Meanwhile, let’s start with this one.

Steps 1 and 2: Cleansing and Recharging of the Crystals and Gemstones required for your specific chakra self-care healing ritual

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

Your crystals and gemstones aren’t used regularly, and hence dirt and dust may settle on them. Also, a lot of crystals are known to absorb the negative energies from the surroundings and hence it is important to cleanse them adequately. 

Cleansing is simple, you need to take a cup of sea salt and water mix. The quantity of sea salt can be anywhere between two to three tablespoons. Dip your crystals/gemstones in this solution for half an hour, wipe them, and then place them in your garden or in potted plants for an hour. This process will help recharge your crystals and gemstones.

Also, make sure that you prepare a new fresh bowl of cold water-sea salt after your ritual. You may also keep the bottles of your essential oils handy in case you want to indulge in a Self-abhyanga massage at the end of the ritual.

Step 3: Crystal Selection 

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

The crystal selected for the chakra self-care healing ritual should be such that it draws your attention and connects you to the frequency and vibration of the land where you were born. Alternatively, you can also choose your birthstone. 

Many healers advise that it is always better to source the crystals from your homeland as their vibrations resonate with your earth element. In addition, the energy center of these crystals connects you, your family, and your legacy to the ground, something needed for adequately healing the Root chakra.

Step 4: Charging the Crystal’s Energy

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

The crystals can be charged by holding them in your hand and setting an intention. For example, you can chant a prayer or a mantra onto each stone before placing them on your body.

Step 5: Find a comfortable place to lay down and set the mood for your chakra self-care healing ritual.

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

It can be your bed, a yoga mat, or even a bare floor- whatever makes you feel comfortable, choose that place to lie down. You can also play calming meditation music or mantra recitals to set the mood. Lighting an incense stick with the fragrance of your choice will also help.

Once this is done, place each of the crystals over the location of the chakras. Make sure that the placement is done in accordance with the color and healing properties of the chakras. 

Step 6: Breathing Practice

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

Once you have settled the crystals over each of the chakras, you can start your breathing practice. Follow deep breathing and try and focus on each breath. Try to take as long as possible and ensure that your inhalation and exhalation times are similar. Try and breathe into each chakra area and follow the breath as it moves along the positions of the chakras.

Once done with this for the first ten breaths, try meditating while visualizing the earth. Feel a connection to the element of earth and begin your dialogue with mother nature. Try and listen to what she is trying to say to you.

Step 7: Imagine being in the lap of the nature

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

As you relax, feel as if you are sitting in the lap of nature. Give yourself some time to feel positive about yourself. Think of the positive, loving thoughts and experiences you have had to date.

Step 8: Extend this chakra self-care healing ritual to your normal life

Once you are done with the breathing practice and focus on yourself, think of these positive thoughts and experiences about your family members, pets, plants, neighbors, or even the general people you have met. Gradually expand the radius of your vision and try to think of as many people and possessions as possible.

Step 9: Hold a healing vision for the Earth

Think of the whole planet earth as you can see it from the universe. Breathe into this vision and chant your favorite mantra. Relax

Step 10: Prepare to culminate your 12-step chakra self-care healing ritual.

Once you have done the breathing practice and feel ready to get up, gently remove each of the stones and place them into the salt-water bowl. Touch the water in the bowl and sprinkle a few drops over the center of the chakra you are trying to balance.

You may now light a Kashmiri rose incense and smudge its ashes over the area of your body, which just let out the energy blocks and emotions that no longer serve you. Repeat this process for all the crystals/stones.

Step 11: Stretch and feel the rejuvenation

Once you are done with the ritual, stretch yourself gently. Many healers advise going for a self-abhyanga massage too. This is where your essential oils will come in handy. In case you are trying to align and heal a specific chakra, make sure that your essential oil is also relevant to that chakra.

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

Step 12: End your Chakra Self-care healing ritual with a bath

We had discussed the chakra healing ritual bath in another one of our blogs. You can refer to that to prepare the bath for yourself. Take time to relax and rejuvenate and calm your energies.

Remember that only a calm mind ensures a healthy sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

12 step chakra self-care healing ritual

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