11 Symptoms of Your Heart Chakra Opening

The heart chakra or the Anahata chakra is located just above the heart. In addition to being responsible for a balanced flow of emotions, the heart chakra also works towards balancing the lower three chakras, namely the naval, sacral, and root chakra, with the upper chakras. The heart chakra is responsible for balancing the physical world with the spiritual. A blocked heart chakra may result in the following signs and symptoms:

  • Shyness
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Inability to empathize
  • Depression/Anxiety

On the other hand, if the heart chakra is overactive, it may result in the following signs and symptoms

  • Jealousy
  • High expectations from others
  • Harsh judgment towards others in general
  • Excessive need for other’s approval

In addition, an imbalance of heart chakra results in lower immunity levels manifesting in the form of heart and lung concerns. Some common health concerns caused due to the heart chakra imbalance are heart palpitations, high/low blood pressure, and general respiratory difficulties. However, with dedicated chakra healing rituals, heart chakra balance can be obtained. Let us now look at the symptoms of the heart chakra opening- something that forms the theme of this blog.

11 symptoms that your Heart Chakra is Opening

Symptoms of the Heart Chakra Opening

Feeling the emotions deeply

Emotions aren’t always the usual five that we experience so often. Often, they are the perceptions that we have and can be triggered by almost anything we see, feel or think. Many emotions are expressed through abstract sensations in our body, too, and sometimes, it can be a change of aura or energy field around us. One of the major symptoms of the heart chakra opening is the enhanced understanding of the emotions we experience. Many practitioners have also noted that the intensity or the depth of the emotion also gets heightened because of the balanced or opened heart chakra.

It only seems logical. When the heart chakra opens us, we can see and feel the things around us and experience the emotions that our ambiance radiates. We feel gratitude, we feel optimistic, and we feel a sense of belongingness.

11 symptoms that your Heart Chakra is Opening

Realization of a deeper connection with self and ambiance

Picking up from where we left the last point, an opened heart chakra results in a heightened sense of belongingness. It allows us to embody the deep interconnections with all the elements of existence. As a result, we feel closer to the people we love, we can appreciate the beauty of flora and fauna better, and we can feel like a part of the surroundings.

When the heart chakra opens up, the person concerned feels more connected to those around them. There is a conscious effort undertaken to explore the commonalities and make the association enriching for both. Many people with an open heart chakra prefer to spend some time alone and in peace while connecting with themselves. 

The underlying thing is that the connections- no matter to whom they are made- are deeper, intense, and more enriching than usual.

Readability to accept changes with gratitude

An opened heart chakra tunes the energy into gratitude. When somebody’s heart chakra opens up, they are more likely to receive their desired easily. The gratitude that thus results creates a magnetic aura of appreciation around the person, thus making them more aware of the surroundings. 

Increased emotion of giving and sharing

An open heart chakra fills the person concerned with the spirit and action of generosity. The person with an open heart chakra feels the blessings overflowing and shares them with those around. 

While this feeling of generosity comes, it usually has no strings attached. The emotion is born out of pure love. This positivity further magnifies the attraction surrounding the person.

Increased compassion towards others

Another symptom of an open heart chakra is the feeling of compassion and forgiveness towards others. The sense of interconnectedness with the surroundings and other beings allows for greater sympathy, empathy, and increased appreciation of the difference between people.

The feeling of compassion makes it easier for a person with an open heart chakra to forgive others without feeling any residual resentment or hurt. Not only does this promotes camaraderie, but it also helps the person concerned achieve inner peace irrespective of the prevailing conditions.

An open heart chakra will help you develop deeper compassion and a genuine ability to let go without holding the negativity in your heart.


11 symptoms that your Heart Chakra is Opening

Improved Emotional attachment and Relationships

When your heart chakra opens up, you will realize that you can better appreciate the contributions of your near and dear ones in your life. Things that may have seemed awkward or hurtful to you earlier will stop mattering. This would be your ability to understand and appreciate their perspective and why they acted in a certain way.

If you have been in a toxic relationship, you will be able to let go of it and experience peace. The open heart chakra's energy allows interactions to happen from a place of unconditional love and divine truth. Thus, the interpersonal bonds you form aren’t founded on needs but on mutual appreciation of the differences and similarities.

One another reason for such a change in attitude is that the open heart chakra makes you love yourself too. Thus, you no longer remain the person who is looking for peace and love from others. The feeling of self-satisfaction and fulfillment you have makes you a giver; hence, the same reflects in your relationships. As a result, the outward traps of physicality stop appealing to you, and you can appreciate the spiritual and emotional connection more.

Cognizance of the Higher self and purpose

When we say higher self, we mean the awareness and embodiment of the most positive perspective one can personally experience and apply in any life situation. An open heart chakra allows for a clear channel for the person to connect to the source of energy and the stream of consciousness. A person with an open heart chakra does not have to filter and condition the thoughts. Thus the pressure to apply practicality and logic to everything doesn’t remain. Therefore, the individual can experience the magic of nature and establish a direct connection to the pure and infinite.


11 symptoms that your Heart Chakra is Opening

Experiencing nature’s rhythm and synchronization with it

Just as the open heart chakra allows for a connection with the divine, the same holds for harmony with the natural elements. Synchronicity, for easy reference, is a phenomenon or concept whereby one experiences multiple uncanny but meaningful coincidences. These coincidences usually happen in the form of symbolic repetition relating to a series of manifestations. These could be repeated sighting of the angel number, a chance encounter with a friend who brings good news, or anything you ever wanted.

One can say that an open heart chakra opens a can full of luck for the individual.

Ease in Manifestation

An awakened heart chakra fills you with positivity and connects you with the divine at a spiritual level. This means that it becomes easier for you to manifest your desired experiences. 

One key element for any manifestation to happen is the emotions that one has. With an open heart chakra, your manifestations have an extra ounce of power as your emotional energy is aligned to the infinite energy source. In addition, the feeling of gratitude and faith that you experience further helps you become a successful conscious manifestor.

Increased acceptance of the flaws

Another major symptom of an open heart chakra is that the person becomes more accepting of the present moment. An open heart chakra allows one to view and respond to differences, challenges, blessings, or experiences with a deeper understanding.

Experience of peace in general

Given the positivity surrounding opening an open heart chakra, it is obvious that it results in a feeling of general peace and tranquility. With the energy center being active, one tends to be less mind and more heart. Thus, one can appreciate the present better than thinking of the future or being bogged down by the past. This helps dissolve unnecessary worries and anxiety, leading to a general feeling of internal peace.

How to open your Heart Chakra

11 symptoms that your Heart Chakra is Opening

Till now, we discussed the various symptoms surrounding the opening of the Heart Chakra. However, how to open the heart chakra? Does it require meditation and can be done at once, or is it a more gradual process?

The opening of the heart chakra happens in layers. The blockages are shed gradually, and the energy takes time to align fully. The symptoms of the opening of the heart chakra thought can be felt at these stages. However, just because one of the symptoms starts showing doesn’t mean the chakra has opened completely. 

To facilitate the opening of the heart chakra, you can dedicate time to various techniques and practices such as meditation, deep breathing, visualization, affirmations, crystal healing, sound healing, and mudras. The only common factor in all these practices is that you must be present and conscious enough to embody the traits of an open heart intentionally.

Once you have dealt with the blockages, you can energize and maintain the open energy of the heart chakra by utilizing the practices and emotions mentioned in this blog above.

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