What Are Some Really Good And Easy Hair Care Tips For Girls?

The kind of lifestyle that we lead these days has several negative impacts on us-both physiologically as well as psychologically. Let us talk about one extremely common physiological impact here- the hair fall.

While it is common for few strands of hair to fall every now and then, if this continues for prolonged periods and the hair fall situation keeps worsening- it makes absolute sense to pay attention to the same.

Now, we could connect it to the entire chakra balancing bit and give it a spin altogether or we can simply tell you about the immediate reasons to watch out for and how to solve them.


In this blog, we choose to do the latter. So, to begin with, let us look at the 7 significant reasons responsible for hairfall/damaged hair.

7 Major Reasons Resulting in Damaged Hair

1) Auto-Immune Diseases

Ceratin auto-immune diseases such as Alopecia can result in significant hair loss. We thought we would mention this one first since this is absolutely not under your control but with the right treatment, the problem can be contained in many cases.

2) Your Age

Most people lose their hair as they age because, with age, hair development on the scalp turns slower. As hair follicles eventually stop creating new hair, the hair on our scalp gradually becomes thinner. 

3) Blame your Genes

Genetic or inherited factors are the chief reasons for hair loss and damage as you age. Androgenic alopecia (male baldness) is a regular pattern that eventually develops. It typically progresses to bald spots and a receding hairline in men, while it typically starts with thinning hair around the crown of the scalp in women. 

4) Because you are careless

Similar to other body parts requiring special treatment, our hair also need adequate hair care. Regular washing, conditioning, and other relevant hair care routines are required for healthy hair growth. Bad nutrition habits can also contribute to hair loss and poor health.

5) Lifestyle is such a Beesh!

Your hair and lifestyle choices both speak about who you are. A happy, joyous life encourages healthy, strong hair, whereas a stressful life promotes hair thinning. However, by adopting a healthier lifestyle and practicing hair care tips, you can stop this temporary hair loss. And you don’t have to do a lot too!

6) Too much styling 

Frequent hair styling should be avoided since it is one of the primary causes of hair loss. Tightly pulling your hair back in a pigtail or cornrows can result in traction alopecia(hair loss). Even using heat to straighten or curl your hair can cause hair loss. Also, if you end up scarring your scalp in the process, hair loss may become permanent.

7) Just not in the right place!

Many times, it is the water quality, the air quality, the pollution and multiple such factors can also be responsible for the hair loss. 

The Best and Easy Hair Care tips to follow!

Clean up the Scalp

Remember that maintaining the right level of hair health requires keeping your scalp clean. When your scalp is dirty, your hair follicles become blocked with dirt, sweat, and pollutants. The outcome is slower hair development and hair loss because your hair follicles receive less blood and nutrients.


Condition to a Good Hair Health

Conditioning is an efficient hair fall control method that reduces friction between hair strands, making combing more effortless and less likely to damage hair.

Regular conditioning improves your hair's appearance, manageability, and makes them less frizzy and hence less prone to damage. 

Care a bit maybe?

People routinely use hair products that impact the health of our magnificent strands, either directly or indirectly. Make sure that you adopt the finest possible care of your hair to encourage healthy hair development. Your hair products should not contain silicone, sulfates, and paraben. Besides, choose the ingredients that have been dermatologically examined and are safe for the scalp and hair.

Check the label!

It is essential to follow a hair care regime incorporating specialized ingredients to stop hair loss while taking care of hair fall problems. Pick shampoos and serums that can hydrate the scalp, strengthen hair strands, and encourage growth.

Go Mild!

Shampoo functions just like a face wash for our hair. Therefore, pick a shampoo with a gentle formula that offers a delicate cleansing effect. Yet why? Because shampoos with strong ingredients and harsh formulas can easily strip the natural oil from the scalp and hair. This worsens breakage and makes it harder for you to control hair loss.

Get back to the Woods!

Practically speaking, wooden combs are far superior to plastic combs for your hair. Wooden combs are less damaging to the scalp and encourage blood flow because they are lighter and have softer bristles. With the wooden comb, you may relax and naturally create more oil, removing dryness and itching on your scalp. Additionally, it helps prevent static, which prevents frizz in your hair.

No tight Business!

Experts advise against hairstyles that constantly strain your hair. Additionally, it is recommended to use hair accessories sparingly for healthy hair. When using hair accessories, pick rubber-padded clips, hairpins with balled ends, and fabric hair ties instead of rubber bands. The likelihood of experiencing receding hairline considerably early is also increased by tightly tied hair.

Some good old nutrition

A good meal is a gateway to enjoy happy, healthy, beautiful locks without a doubt. Therefore include veggies, eggs, protein, and iron-rich food choices. 


Just like conditioning, a hair mask is another significant hair care tip that helps you with managing your hair in the easiest way possible. There are numerous ayurvedic DIY masks available for you to apply.

Just wrap around the mask in your hair strands once or twice a week and see the difference after every hair shower.

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