The 5 Best Essential Oils To Balance Your Heart Chakra

The capacity to give and receive Love is a healthy way of life that the Heart Chakra is responsible for. Our ability to handle the sorrow of betrayal of a loved one or losing a loved one due to breakup, abandonment, or death is also influenced by the Heart Chakra. Parallely, our ability to feel compassion, love, or any other emotion in general is also something that gets influenced by the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is placed at the center of the chest region, encircling our heart, radiating a green hue, and presenting the air sign. 

When Your Heart Chakra Is In Balanced-

  • You feel content.
  • You are happy and have a constant sense of joyfulness around you.
  • You behave compassionately toward others.
  • You think way too giving.

When Your Heart Chakra is In Imbalanced(Spiritual)-

  • Incapable of showing or receiving unconditional Love.
  • Sensing extreme loneliness.
  • You feel depressed and grief-stricken.
  • A constant feeling of hatred and jealousy.
  • Acting selfishly.

When Your Heart Chakra Is In Imbalance(Physical)-

  • Your asthma will trouble you a lot from than usual.
  • You might experience lung disorders.
  • Certain heart disorders might also strike. 
  • Women might experience breast anomalies too.
  • You might not be in the mood to stay active.
  • One can also experience shoulder and upper back problems. 

Understanding the concept of Essential Oils?

All essential oils are derived from plants, and because of the excessive viscosity of most essential oils, the skin may not readily absorb them. It is for this reason that most essential oils are mixed with other lighter oils or water for their usage. These oils are meticulously taken from the plants and transformed into pure concentrated oils using unique distillation methods that date back to ancient Egypt. 

What Are The Top 5 Essential Oil For Heart Chakra?

On a utilitarian note, essential oil for Heart chakra is superb in tuning the agitated nerves and can be used after diluting the same with a carrier oil. Having said that, here is the list of essential oils for Heart Chakra that you need to incorporate-

Rose Essential Oil

With the application of rose essential oil, you will observe-

  • Notable compassionate behaviors and acts of generosity intensifies.
  • Enhanced self-care and Love toward others around.
  • Amplified desire to work towards erudition, taking the path of the heart.

Including Rose essential oil in your lifestyle strengthens your gracefulness and gentleness while assisting you to act harmoniously toward everyone around you and yourself. 

Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oil for Heart chakra is significantly effective in nurturing your heart health by

  • Aiding you in moving forward and moving on.
  • Letting go of old wounds.
  • Easing the negative emotions.

Using Pine essential oil lets you heal in the present by curing the wounds from the past.

Geranium Essential Oil

The heavy aroma of geranium is ideal for developing consciousness. It creates openings in the mind and senses that allow one to achieve more stability and depth inside. The geranium essential oil can enter under waves of sadness or despair and help you find the uplifting courage to balance your disengaged life or the hurtful memories of relationships. This essential oil, when diffused in your surrounding daily can also helps with issues that make you feel heavy and disempowered. It is the remedy for pardon and the restoration of bonds.

Geranium essential oil for Heart chakra enables us to access and open our heart chakras tremendously. 

Jasmine Essential Oil

When our Heart Chakra is blocked, jasmine essential oil can be an absolute choice that can help to clear the way so that Love and positive energy can flow once more. It uplifts the mood and increases feelings of passion and romance while reducing stress and tension.

Lemon Essential Oil

When our Heart Chakra is unstable, it can cause us to feel lonely and depressed. Lemon essential oil for Heart chakra significantly helps to combat these depressive emotions. The essential oil helps us feel better, enjoy more energy, and gradually eliminate our bad thoughts and energy.

How To Use Essential Oil For Heart Chakra?

Before using any essential oil for Heart chakra on your skin or in the shower, always go for a patch test. Continue using the essential oil only if there is no irritation. Also, essential oils cannot be used directly. So, you will have to dilute it in a carrier oil before using it on your skin or adding it to your shower/bath. 

Additionally, it's crucial to use the proper dosage and dilution quality for the essential oil for Heart chakra. This highly depends on where on the body the essential oil is being applied..

While Concluding

When the Heart Chakra is in harmony, we may provide unwavering Love to ourselves and others. This equilibrium enables us to coexist peacefully with others and more readily overlook minor offenses. We behave kindly and compassionately, which allows us to establish and uphold wholesome relationships.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced and open, we become a part of something more significant, which inspires us to believe in our hearts more. However, it's also crucial to remember that our Heart Chakras might only partially be balanced.

All we can do is strive to align them so that we may live a happy, healthy, and complete life!

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