6 Simple Ways to Try and Balance Your Root Chakra at Home

The root chakra, as we had discussed in our other blog, is the energy source, the foundation for all other chakras. Hence, if it is blocked or unbalanced, chances are that the other chakras are also misaligned. You see, it is, as the name suggests, the root of the entire structure. Therefore, if the root is skewed, the structure can never be strong. Thus, even for very basic well-being, it is important that the root chakra be balanced and healthy and has an open energy flow. 

The signs of an unbalanced root chakra are very evident too. For instance, people with an unbalanced root chakra tend to feel controlling, lose temper quite often, are critically self-conscious, and generally undriven. However, for someone with a balanced root chakra, the emotions are usually positive, and hence the person feels calm and confident and has a logical approach towards things in general.

Now, we understand that it can be tough to take time out and go for a dedicated diagnosis regarding your chakras and their subsequent chakra healing rituals. Hence, a lot of times, it is advisable to undertake these chakra healing rituals at home itself. Therefore, this blog will discuss six simple ways to balance the root chakra.

Surround yourself with the Colour Red

Red, you see, is the color of the root chakra. Now there are two ways of approaching this. You may either wear red or keep red things around, or you can try out a root chakra balancing meditation. The first option is fairly simple. In the second, you should try and envision the color red glowing brightly at the base of the spine, i.e., at the location of the root chakra. This envisioning forms the beginning of your root chakra balancing act.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

You can start with this vision and then gradually visualize how you are connected to the ground. Some common visuals are in the form of you imagining yourself as a tree with your roots growing down into the ground. Many people also focus on being a red apple tree because it becomes easy to picture the entire scenario.

Dance like none is watching.

Dancing has been known to be a great form of stress bursting. With the sweat that comes out, the stress comes out, too and so does all the negativity. Also, dancing invigorates your energy centers thus providing for a seamless energy flow within your body.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

We want you to note that you do not have to worry about the steps or the fact that “I cannot dance.” Even if you can throw your hands and legs here and there, do that. Dancing isn’t about the mudras or steps all the time. It is the art of letting go and being in the moment, enjoying yourself to the hilt.

Also, anyone can groove to the beats, so if you are looking at a comparatively easier chakra healing ritual for your root chakra, just dance.

And yes, if you feel like singing along as you dance, do that as well as it would cleanse your throat chakra too!

Meditation for Root Chakra Balancing

There are multiple root chakra balancing meditations that one can try. One commonly practiced one is the Tree Pose or Vrikshasana. All you need to do is, close your eyes, visualize the red spot discussed above, and then firmly put your left foot on the ground. We advise using a yoga mat to prevent earthing of the energy thus generated. Now, once you have placed your left foot on the mat, bring your right foot up so that your sole rests just above or below the knee cap of your left leg.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra: Tree Pose

Do it as per your convenience but make sure you do not rest your right sole on the left knee to avoid any unnecessary pressure on or damage to the knee. If you feel like it, fold your hands in a namaskar over your head or simply hold them in a folded manner close to the center of your chest. Make sure that whatever position you hold, you are comfortable in that, or else you’ll not be able to focus on your root chakra.

You can change the sides as well- whatever makes you feel good! 

Engage in the Root Chakra healing ritual bath

We have explained the steps of the ritual bath in another one of our blogs.  So, you can refer to that for all the details. However, here is a quick byte for you. All of us love a hot relaxing shower, and most of us need it for relaxing. A hot shower lets you clear your mind and focus on yourself, your relaxation, and your feelings at that moment.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

The one thing that makes your regular bath a ritual bath is the use of the ingredients and the activities you do around it. For instance, essential oils or chakra healing ritual scrubs can help you relax and rejuvenate. Similarly, sipping herbal teas or mixing those herbs in your bath can improve your experience.

The whole idea is that you get enough time and opportunity to embrace your physicality and can be mindful of yourself, even without meditating.

Take that Long Walk

Many of us find walks to be therapeutic since when you are walking, it is tough to focus on anything other than the walk itself. To turn a walk into a chakra healing ritual for your root chakra, you must focus on your foot’s movement. Focus on your foot touching the ground and then leaving it.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

Feel the connection with the earth every time your foot touches the ground. It works even wonders if done in the morning by walking barefoot on grass. If you have a balcony garden and a grass mat, go for it too!


Get your Feet Pampered!

If you are a male reading this, and even if you do not conform to the beauty standards, please read this. Getting a pedicure isn’t about making your nails or feet look pretty. It is about the experience and rejuvenation that comes with all the cleaning and massage. The relaxing feeling one gets while dipping their tired feet into a tub of warm-turbulent water, enriched with the healing properties of Epsom salts and essential oils- well, who wouldn’t want that?

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

The relaxation that comes with this helps calm the mind and slows down the flow of negative energies in your body. But, of course, a gentle scrub and the tingling sensation on your feet will also fill you with many positive emotions.

 So, friends, that was it from our side about the six simple ways that you can use to balance your root chakra. Since we mentioned essential oils, let us tell you a bit about them too in this context. You can use cedarwood, cypress, and vetiver essential oils in their pure form or as a blend. These oils center the root chakra’s energy by providing a sense of security. If you work in a high-stress environment, suggest that you put a diffuser in your office to calm those anxious nerves. Alternatively, you can also dab a few drops on your wrists for quick relief.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra

Lastly, a lot of chakra healing is dependent on your mind frame and the power of your thoughts. Positive affirmations are thus known to play a significant role in any chakra healing rituals one would ever hear of. You see, our body picks the vibrations that we emit and feeds on our energy. So, why not make it a positive one, then? So, as we close this piece, here are a couple of positive affirmations we would want you to repeat to yourself daily or whenever you feel you are in doubt!

  •   "I am strong."
  •   "I am capable."
  •   "I am worthy of love."
  •   "I am moving at a pace that is right for me."
  •   "I am proud of everything I have accomplished."


Stay Blessed!


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