Best Oils For Dreadlocks - Hair Growth Oils For Dreads

Let us explain what dreadlocks are for the uninitiated. Remember the kind of woven hair that were so typical to Bob Marley and his followers? Or even Monica's braided hair in one of the Friends’ episodes. Well, both of these are dreadlocks. With this picture in mind, you can understand that they aren’t easy to maintain. These hair locks cannot be washed and oiled like normal hair. The care needed is special, so here we are with a dedicated blog too!

Why should you use Essential Oils to put in dreadlocks?

Essential oils add moisture.

The very basis behind the dreads forming is the lack of moisture. The process is such that the hair must be dried and devoid of most of the oil content. However, at such a point, any further moisture loss will result in the hair becoming brittle. Now, until you plan to have dreads forever and then go for a shaven head, you need to retain the moisture. Your normal oils won’t be able to give so much moisture to your hair; however, an essential oil blend can.Also, because essential oils repel water and usually form a thin layer around the hair, which helps keep in the moisture that is already there, using oils on your hair keeps it from drying out. 

Essential oils restore hair health.

Essential oils could fix dreadlocks damaged by the usual heat that went into creating them and also the damage that piled up later because your hair strands couldn’t really breathe. An essential oil blend would help restore the hair’s natural elasticity, which would be good once you decide to change your hairstyle back to usual.

Essential oils accelerate development.

The essential oils contain many vitamins and minerals for hair growth. Thus, the blend can help accelerate the otherwise stunted growth due to dreadlock formation.

Essential oils give Shine.

Dreadlocks can look better by adding essential oils that enhance their natural shine. This is just as simple. Plus, the blends are usually non-sticky, and hence your dreads won’t even look as if they have been oiled.

Best essential oils for dreadlocks

Bergamot essential oils

Bergamot contains natural stimulants that increase the amount of blood that flows to the scalp. This increases the number of nutrients and oxygen that reach the hair follicles, making it easy for them to absorb nutrients and grow quickly. 

Because it has a lot of antioxidants, Bergamot essential oil blend not only makes your locks look shiny but also protects them from oxidative stress, which can cause further damage. 

Add a few drops to your regular shampoo or use the essential oil blend as usual. You can also mix two drops of essential oil with one tablespoon of carrier oil for an overnight treatment. 

Eucalyptus essential oils

Essential oil made from eucalyptus leaves captures the smell that makes them so appealing. This oil is a must-have for dreadlocks because it makes the hair's natural shine stand out. The light that bounces off of it will keep your hair moist and make it shine. 

All you need to do is to put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your usual hair oil and mix it well. Heat it for better results and gently massage it to your scalp. Do this at least twice weekly if you want the best results. 

Thyme essential oils

The best thing about thyme is its consistency or viscosity. Now, you cannot massage your scalp (if you have dreadlocks) as generally as you would to your normal hair. With dreadlocks, you must ensure that the oil drips until the end. Thyme is of great essence thus. Simply mix it in a carrier oil like coconut or non-sticky hair oil. Heat the mix a bit and apply it on your scalp and the surface of your dreadlocks. The oil will seep into the layers overnight and make your hair shine.

Sandalwood essential oils

The heartwood of the East Indian sandalwood tree, a hemiparasitic evergreen that gets its nutrients and water from the roots of other plants, is where the sandalwood oil comes from. Putting sandalwood oil on your hair can help your hair grow faster. Hair growth was significantly improved after only six days. Hence, using a sandalwood essential oil blend is best if you are in the early stages of getting dreadlocks. The oils’ aromatic smells also hepl to stimulate the olfactory receptors in hair follicles, activating keratin, the main protein in hair, and making new hair grow. 

Carrot Seed essential oils

Biotin and beta-carotene are found in the oil from carrot seeds. Those just starting to get their locks would benefit significantly from this since it promotes strong and healthy hair growth. It encourages new hair growth and helps keep your hair healthy. When carrot seed oil is put on dreadlocks, it forms a barrier that keeps moisture from escaping. 

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