10 Ways To Use Essential Oils Without A Diffuser

One of the most common ways of using essential oils is through diffusers. There are very few of us who take the pain to mix the essential oils with the respective carrier oils and then apply them on our body or use in the wash. Mostly, it is just a few drops put in a diffuser and then enjoying the sweet smelling ambience. However, everytime you think of starting a new self care regime, you do not really have to go on a shopping spree. So, in this blog, we will talk about the 10 amazing ways you can use your essential oil in without a diffuser!

Ok, and for the uninitiated, a diffuser is a small device, manual or electrical that burns your essential oil into fumes and makes the surroundings better. Diffusers can be manual or electrical. Manual diffusers are the ones most commonly seen in spas. They are usually a ceramic pot with a small dish on the top. You pour a few drops of the essential oil in water on this dish. The bottom half of the diffuser has a cave kind of formation or a small cavity where you can put a tea light. The heat from the tea light helps diffuse the essential oil into the surroundings.

The electrical diffusers are more recent. They are mostly seen in places like gyms or hospitals where a lot of not so good smells exist. Since “electric”, these diffusers are very strong and can burn a lot of essential oil at once making the surrounding blissfully fragrant.

10 ways to use Essential Oils without a diffuser

1- Cotton Balls Instead of Essential oils Diffuser

This is the easiest, least expensive, and least troublesome way to make yourself and your home smell like pure essence. Cotton balls that have been soaked in essential oils can be used right away. Put cotton balls soaked in essential oils in places where smells tend to stick around, like garbage cans, stinky shoes or socks, the car, the closet, and the drawers. Also, when your bottle is near empty, don't throw them away just yet. To remove any excess vapors, just put a cotton ball in the hole and wait for the steam to soak into the cotton. When you take out the cotton the next day, you'll be surprised by how much smell still exists in the small vial. 

2- Necklace

Necklaces are the only thing you will need if you want to take aromatherapy with you wherever you go naturally. There are many necklaces that come with a small container kind of a thing or have provisions for hanging small bottles as pendants. Just keep your essential oil in that. 

3- Candles

Both candles and diffusers that run on electricity use heat to spread aromatic oil into the air. This can be done with both diffusers, but they do it differently. With a candle lamp diffuser, you put a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of water, stir, and then pour the mixture into the pan on top of the candle. Then, you can light your candle below it to warm the oil and water and fill the room with a soothing scent. In short, a candle diffuser is more of a DIY diffuser than an actual diffuser.


4- Sprays and Mists

The key to this is to mix oil and water and then spray the mixture in the area that you want to smell. Mists and sprays are hard to beat because they are easy to carry and work well. You only need a few simple ingredients and a spray bottle for this method. You don't need heat, electricity, or any other special tools. The only possible downside is that the mix should be correct or else the essential oil droplets will not atomize causing either very feeble smell or even stains sometimes.

5- Raw wood 

Here's another clever way to spread your favorite essential oils all over your house. Use unfinished wood in its natural state, soak it into the essential oil and burn it. Also, by putting a few drops of essential oil on each clothespin, they can be used to spread the scent around the house. Sometimes it can cause more smoke than usual so make sure that either the pieces are small or you use wooden threads as they combust faster.

6- Effervesce with Baking Soda 

Mix a few drops of the essential oil you like best with the same amount of baking soda. Just put the mix at the place of your choice. As baking soda sublimes, the smell will fill the area too. Alternatively, you can also spray baking soda all over the house, paying particular attention to fabrics like carpets and upholstered furniture. 

7- Mix it with the bath salts

Aromatherapy works better when you combine essential oils with bath salts. Put two cups of Epsom salt, two cups of kosher salt, and one cup of baking soda in a mixing bowl. Then, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. For more color and scent options, dried herbs, flower petals, potpourri flowers, powdered coconut milk, or any other natural powder can be added. 

8- Terracotta instead of Essential oils Diffuser

Do you have a flowerpot or garden pot lying around? If this is the case, you probably know what terracotta is. Terracotta is a type of clay pottery used to make most flowerpots. But did you know that liquids like oils can be absorbed by terracotta? It can also be used with essential oils to make the room smell pleasant. Rub some essential oils into the terracotta with your hands, and then wait for the oil to soak in. Since the clay will have soaked up the essential oils, the scent will slowly come out over time, usually between 2-6 hours.

9- Burn up on the Stove

You can use essential oils for more than just aromatherapy and decorating your home. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it must smell good. Put eight or ten drops of oil in the bottle of water. Bring the mix to boil on a stove. The smell of the oil heating up will fill your kitchen and maybe even the rest of your house.

10- Simply rub it on your palms

Never put the essential oil on your skin without testing it on a small patch. Do a patch test by putting a few drops of essential oil on your forearm after washing it with mild soap and letting it dry completely. After that, the skin should be hidden until the next day. After twenty-four hours, remove the bandage and check if the skin is red or itchy. If you don't get hives or feel sick after using essential oils, you don't have an allergy to them and you can go ahead with this method. 

Add a few drops of essential oil to a quarter cup of carrier oil, then rub the mixture into your skin. Then, bring one hand to your nose and take a deep breath as you knead your hands. Putting essential oil on your feet and massaging it might also help with foot odor.

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