• Frankincense: The 5 Benefits And 5 Myths

    Frankincense: The 5 Benefits And 5 Myths
    Even for somebody starting their journey of using essential oils, one name that comes first and stands apart is Frankincense. Be it its fruity smell that soothes one and fills the atmosphere with positivity or its multiple benefits, Frankincense could be called the queen of all essential oils. This tree that typically grows in the dry mountainous regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East has a woody, spicy smell and is suitable to be either inhaled, taken as a supplement, or absorbed through the skin. Even in traditional ayurvedic medicines, Frankincense is known to be...
  • Fighting Burnout: The Ayurvedic Way

    Fighting Burnout: The Ayurvedic Way
    As human beings, we are constantly put to the test in our everyday lives. Our minds and body adapt to the demands placed upon them. We experience a state of balance when we have adequate energy, time, and emotional resources to meet the demands which are expected to be fulfilled. When our ability to fulfill these responsibilities runs low, we encounter stress, and when we don't have the emotional and physical bandwidth to meet life's demands, we experience burnout.  Ayurveda has used chakras for thousands of years. In Ayurveda, chakra refers to the core energy centers...
  • Top 7 Essential Oils To Boost Your Skin's Youthfulness

    Top 7 Essential Oils To Boost Your Skin's Youthfulness
    We all love happy and supple skin; who wouldn’t? But, we also know that caring for it can sometimes be challenging. Given our usual lifestyles, the kind of food we eat, the drinks we drink, and the schedules we maintain, it gets tough to fit in self-care. Skincare has become the least of the priorities too. However, while we cannot put in the effort, it doesn’t mean we don’t want soft and smooth skin. Hence, considering everything in question, we have come up with a list of seven essential oils that will help soothe your skin....
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