9 Essential Oil Blends That Can Help Soothe Common Skin Concerns

Essential oils for skin care from nature are a great way to solve the problem. Science and medicine have shown that there are hundreds of plant species in the natural world, each with its own set of valuable bioactive compounds. These chemicals might treat many skin and health problems with little risk naturally. Essential oils can help with your skin problems because they have potent properties.

Here are the top 9 Essential oils for skin care. 

What Are Essential Oils For Skin Care?

Essential oils are the purest type of oil. They are made by distilling different parts of medicinal or therapeutic plants, such as petals, seeds, and bark. Essential oils are an important part of aromatherapy because they have a wide range of volatile chemical components in very high concentrations. Each essential oil has its own personality because nature gave it a different mix of molecules that are both bioactive and smell good.

In Ayurveda, oils have been used for a long time. Rare essential oils from various herbs were used as beauty products and medicine. 


Essential oils are becoming more popular because they are easier to get than they used to be. This is partly because of changes in technology over the past few decades. These plants' well-known anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects come from terpenes, essential fatty acids, and phenolic compounds, among other chemicals. Essential oils are becoming more popular in the skin care industry because they are suitable for the skin in many ways.

Dosage for Essential oils for skin care

Essential oils are made from natural ingredients, but they can sometimes have unintended effects even when used carefully. This means that you must know how to dilute solutions correctly if you want to keep your skin from worsening. Before you put essential oils on your skin, you should mix them with carrier oil to lower the risk of skin irritation, sensitization, and phototoxicity.

Apply Patch Test 

A patch test is the best way to determine if an oil is safe for your skin type if you're still unsure. After diluting it, put a few drops of essential oil on the inside of your arm or your wrist. The skin in this part of the body is very thin and fragile. Wrap the bandage around the patch carefully but securely. If you see any signs of irritation or an allergic reaction, wash the area with a mild soap and water solution and change the bandage as soon as possible.


If there are no signs of irritation after 48 hours, it is safe to keep going. It's important to remember that your skin is constantly changing, so even if your patch test comes back negative after a week, that doesn't mean you won't ever become sensitive, irritated, or allergic to the oil in the future. If you last used oil a while ago, you should test it again to ensure it's still good.

Top 9 Essential Oils For Skin Care


Juniper berry oil can treat dry, damaged skin because it has a lot of powerful antioxidants like alpha-pinene and myrcene. It makes the skin's protective barrier stronger and boosts the immune system of the skin. The essential oil from juniper berries is effective against many bacterial and fungal skin infections, making it a promising treatment option. To treat dry skin, mix five drops of the oil with 20 milliliters of carrier oil. This mixture is gentle enough for even sensitive skin.


Patchouli oil has been used in traditional medicine to treat many skin diseases, fever, diarrhea, snake bites, and other illnesses because it is so powerful as a detoxifier and healer. Alpha patchouli, beta patchouli, and several other terpenoids, alkaloids, and flavonoids are some of their active phytochemicals. It helps in restoring skin health, regenerating skin cells, and protecting against dry skin and the effects of time.


Rosemary is often used to treat skin problems caused by oily skin. Acne can be avoided in part because of its astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, which also help to control sebum production. Rosmarinic acid is one of the many active plant compounds found in rosemary. Mixing five drops of rosemary oil with ten milliliters of astringent carrier oil, like grapeseed oil, can help remove the excess sebum.


Geranium essential oil is good for your skin in many ways and won't bother even the most sensitive skin types. These benefits help treat many skin problems, such as eczema, peeling skin, aging before its time, uneven sebum production, UV damage, cellulite, inflammation, infections, and infections. It keeps free radicals from hurting your skin because its active ingredients, geranyl formate, and geraniol, are both antioxidants. Before putting it on the skin, mix four or five drops of geranium oil with ten milliliters of carrier oil.

Lemon Balm

This essential oil is made by distilling the Melissa Officinalis plant. It is used worldwide to make medicines, foods, and cosmetics because it is very good at reducing inflammation and fighting free radicals. As a bonus, it calms the immune system and protects sensitive skin from inflammation and allergic reactions. Lemon balm essential oil can be put on cold sores, fungal infections, and minor wounds to help heal them. Adding three drops of lemon balm oil to ten milliliters of carrier oil can dilute the oil to 1%, which is the recommended amount for sensitive skin.


The oil made from bay leaf, a typical Indian spice, has strong antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Because it has phytochemicals like alpha terpineol, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene, it can help your skin's immune system and protect you from acne diseases. Both bay oil and clove oil contain eugenol, which reduces inflammation. Eugenol is what you can find in bay oil. There may be benefits like less pain, irritation, and inflammation for acne-prone skin. To treat severe acne, mix seven to eight drops of the essential oil with ten milliliters of carrier oil and apply the mixture to the affected areas.


Carrot Seed

Carrot seed oil is often used in anti-aging products because it has a lot of antioxidants. This essential oil has bleaching agents that can help with age spots, anti-aging components that can stop collagen from breaking down, and anti-wrinkle properties. Some examples of these parts are vitamin A, beta-carotene, and fatty acids. It keeps the skin's natural moisture and gives it nourishment over time. Carrot seed oil can treat a wide range of skin diseases, from carbuncles and rashes to dermatitis and wounds, and even vitiligo. Regularly applying a mixture of five or six drops of carrot seed oil and a nutrient-rich carrier oil has been shown to slow the skin's natural aging process. 

Raspberry Seed

Several bioactive compounds in raspberry seed oil have been shown to be good for the skin. These molecules include tocopherol, flavonoids, monoterpenes, carotenoids, fatty acids, and other antioxidants. Using this essential oil regularly can stop collagen from breaking down, lighten age spots, improve your skin's elasticity, and make scars and other skin problems look less noticeable. The best results come from regularly using a mixture of five drops of essential oil from the raspberry seed and ten milliliters of carrier oil on the skin.

Holy Basil

Basil is a healing herb that is used in both Ayurvedic and Western medicine. Oil taken from the holy basil plant has been shown to stop itching caused by eczema, psoriasis, insect stings and bites, and other allergies and sensitivity issues. As a bonus, holy basil oil keeps the skin soft and hydrated. It also strengthens the epidermal barrier, which makes the skin more resistant to damage from the outside world. One option is to put a mixture of 8–10 drops of holy basil oil per 20 milliliters of carrier oil on the skin where allergies are a problem.

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