Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health

Women are extremely receptive emotional beings. It is in our genetic makeup to pick up the vibes and act accordingly. While it results in a lot of stress many times, it comes with its positives too. For instance, if you indulge in aromatherapy, the results will be seen way faster than they would show for an average male.

Hence, essential oils can be extremely beneficial in supporting overall Women’s health too. In this blog, we’ll talk about 7 such essential oils!

How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils have different effects on our bodies that can be put into different groups. They do this by stimulating the tissues, which causes vasodilation, which means the capillaries get more prominent, and the blood flow increases. The aroma of a typical essential oil can thus help stimulate or calm the digestive, respiratory, and central nervous systems. Because of this, you can rely on essential oils to help with things like colds, flu, neurological disorders, and stomach pain.

Also, you can use essential oils to help you relax, improve your mood, and give you more energy. Essential oils, when used in bath water or in aromatherapy are also known to help with menstrual cramps, migraines, tissue swelling, and mood changes.

Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Oil comes from the Latin name Claris, which literally translates to "clear." This Oil is known for having a sweet, herbaceous scent with a hint of fruitiness. When clary sage is diffused into the air, it has been shown to make people feel calm and relaxed and give them a sense of balance and a connection to the earth. Clary Sage Essential Oil has been valued for a long time because it can be used in many different ways to help women stay healthy.

Researchers have found that this herbaceous Oil can help relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, like mood swings, and make menstrual cramps less painful.

Lavender Essential Oil

For thousands of years, people have used lavender essential oil's powerful calming effects to treat a wide range of sleep problems and the physical signs of stress and worry. Women of all ages can improve their overall health by using this beautiful floral Oil, which can be used in many ways. Lavender Essential Oil has sound effects on the sense of smell when put on the skin and helps keep the skin healthy. Linalool is one of the main ingredients of lavender Oil.

It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that help clear up clogged skin and make the skin more supple.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential Oil is said to be effective at reducing mental and physical stress, and it possesses balancing properties that help foster a sense of concentration and calmness during physical or emotional hardship. People say that geranium oil can help relieve the painful feelings of menstruation and menopause. Geranium essential oil’s aromatherapy treatments are also known to relieve aches and pains all over the body, mood swings, and hot flashes.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil has a zesty citrus smell that is fruity and sweet. It is well-balanced by a flowery note that has a spicy undertone. The a-Pinene and Limonene in Bergamot oil, a type of citrus oil, help relieve the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. Bergamot has been shown to calm people down and help them sleep better, which are both very important for women at every stage. If a woman going through menopause gets enough sleep, it may help relieve the symptoms of migraines caused by hormone changes.

When applied to the skin or hair, Bergamot essential oil can keep them healthy by giving the hair shine, stopping hair loss, and making skin conditions like acne less painful.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli's unique scent is citrusy, sweet, and incredibly flowery. It can improve mental and emotional health significantly if you take a whiff of it every day. People say that neroli essential oil can help ease the symptoms of depression and make people feel happier. A study with postmenopausal women found that inhaling Neroli essential Oil helped them deal with stress-related symptoms like a lower libido.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Oil not only smells like sweet roses, but it also has some of the health benefits that are linked to geranium. Rose Geranium also possesses calming and soothing properties, which can help women's mental and emotional health by fostering a more deepend sensation of relaxation.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Diffusing the frankincense essential Oil, which has a profoundly spiritual significance, helps meditators create a mental space that is peaceful and centered on the present moment. It is claimed that acne-prone skin can benefit from using frankincense topically. When used regularly, this oil can help make skin more flexible and make it look smoother.

Women who are menstruating or going through menopause may feel less pain, cramps, anxiety, nausea, tiredness, and mood swings when they use frankincense oil. It can also help these people keep their hormone levels in check.

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