9 Simple Ways Of Using Essential Oils Without A Diffuser

 Use Essential oils without diffusers

Congratulations! You've finally bought that precious vial of essential oil or maybe you're contemplating buying one. And now, you’re wondering if buying a diffuser is really necessary. After all, buying a good-looking functional diffuser could be an expensive affair; or for some it could mean another piece of decor or gadget in the house to maintain and clean. 

Whatever the reasons, buying a diffuser for your essential oils comes with its share of hesitation. However, there are multiple ways to diffuse essential oils even without a diffuser. Here, we explore ten easy ways of diffusing essential oils using everyday items in your home. And the best part: they are cost effective, and you don't need to worry about cleaning up later! So let's start: 

1. Sleep tight

essential oils flu
Put a couple of drops of essential oils inside your pillowcases and bed sheets. In fact on bad flu days, putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil on your pillow cases can help you sleep through that stuffy nose.

2. Bath

essential oils bath

Drop some drops of essential oils into your bathtub and soak in. Once you get used to the amazing aromas, you'll be surprised to find your bath time being synonymous with essential oils! If you’re in a hurry, simple pour a few drops at the corner of your bathtub so that the aromas don't drain off. 

3. Laundary
essential oils laundary
Tap a few drops of fresh smelling essential oil onto balls of dryer wool before you toss them into the washing machine. Your laundry will end up smelling literally fresh!
4. Cotton balls
essential oils diffuse cotton balls
This is the cheapest and the easiest way to ensure you and your house are smelling like a million bucks! Dab cotton balls in essential oils and use them just about anywhere. However, make sure to keep it away from any fire sources.
Throw cotton balls dipped in essential oils: under garbage cans, inside those stinky shoes or socks, inside the car, inside your clothes drawers, place them around the house in a jar or tray, or inside the car.

5. Don't throw away your empty essential oil bottles. Push a cotton ball in and let the remaining aromatic molecules seep onto the cotton. Remove the cotton the following day and you'll be surprised at how much aroma was still left in that tiny bottle.

6. Room Scents

essential oils room scents fragrances

You could put a few drops of some zesty essential oils into your furnace filters for a fresh smell in your house that could last for a day or two. Or you could also put a few drops on the blades of fans.

7. Home Decor

essential oils room fragrances scents

Drop it into your potpourri mix, your pine cone ornaments or those flower        wreaths.

 8. Jewellery

 aromatherapy jewellery 

There are a number of aromatherapy jewellery out there with little lockets to diffuse heavenly aromas. However, you could essential oils on any wooden or terracotta clay jewellery as well as it soaks in the oils and diffuses it just as a reed diffuser would. 

9. Cleaning

use essential oils cleaning

Drop some essential oils into your cleaning equipment such as the mopping water or scrubs wipe cloths so it leaves a trace of scent as you clean. You also mix some essential oils and baking soda and sprinkle it over your carpet. Vacuum after 15 minutes or so. Not only do you get a clean carpet but a divine smelling one as well! 

The ways in which essential oils could be used even without a diffuser are endless. However, those listed above are just a handful which you can do with minimum effort and time. 

Do give it a try so you can end up with a great aroma and an uplifted mood! Do you have any interesting ways to diffuse essential oils without a diffuser? We'd love to know!

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