Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra

Essential oils have several benefits. Most commonly, they are used as aromatic supplementary medicine to enhance skin quality and health in general. In addition, many experts prescribe the use of essential oils in chakra healing rituals to improve the overall efficacy of the ritual. Finally, using the essential oils in daily life through diffusers or in the daily bath also helps adjust the body’s energy and maintains harmony inside the body. 

This blog will discuss the top 4 essential oils for heart chakra that help to balance it over time. But, before that, let us understand a bit about the heart chakra.

Now, what is the 4th Chakra? 

The fourth Chakra, or the Heart or Anahata Chakra, is the center of all the Chakra. This Chakra is located at the center of the spine at the heart level. It is a bridge between the upper chakras, called the Spirituality chakras, and lower chakras, or the Materialist chakras. The heart chakra serves as a person’s center of empathy, love, forgiveness, and compassion.

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra

This Chakra controls one’s capacity for change and transformation and helps maintain healthy boundaries, closeness to others, emotional stability, and self-love. It also influences one’s feelings of trust, fearlessness, generosity, and appreciation. 

Why does one need to balance their Heart Chakra?

When your heart Chakra is balanced well, you will experience love, compassion, joy, and a sense of connection to the outside world. You’ll feel open to life’s events, and all difficulties will be easy to overcome. Our ability to fully connect with ourselves and the world depends on having an open heart chakra, which enables us to see all the beauty and love around us. 

The top 4 Essential Oils that can help to balance your 4th Chakra

Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is an essential oil for heart chakra that has proven to boost the body’s ability to cleanse itself. Therefore it can also help us remove negative thoughts or emotions that prevent us from understanding the reality of who we are on a philosophical level. It prompts us to release mental and emotional baggage that might ruin our relationships and block emotions of connection and love.

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra: Geranium


Geranium essential oil assists us in opening and connecting with our heart Chakra’s greater capacity. When our heart Chakra is open, we become more open to self-love, self-healing, and compassion. Geranium essential oils help to reconnect with your heart, calm your mind, and have skincare benefits. 

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils by aromatherapists used to treat people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It helps by signaling the brain to produce dopamine and serotonin. In addition, the bergamot essential oil for heart chakra can help balance the heart chakra by reducing stress and letting us let go of the need to be in control.

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra: Bergamot

This essential oil has incredibly energizing aromas, and its sweetness seems to blend better with almost any oil. Bergamot oil also reduces inflammation and lowers cholesterol levels, which are beneficial to health. 

Pine Oil

In the winter, many people use Pine essential oil because the natural woody scent oil has a way of making the place feel warmer. Pine essential oil has multiple health benefits; it has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural pain reliever. The most important one is that it can also be used to relieve emotional pain that is preventing the heart chakra from opening.

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra: Pine Oil

It has an energizing, purifying, and refreshing aroma that works great for mental peace and clouded thoughts. It helps release old wounds and lets you feel emotions in real-time rather than remembering the past. 

Neroli Oil

This essential oil for heart chakra represents innocence, purity, and fertility. This Essential oil is not known, but it deserves more recognition. In terms of the physical heart, Neroli Oil helps in controlling the heartbeat and is frequently used as a natural sedative. The heart chakra is present in that region of the body that can be severely impacted due to anxiety, stress, and depression.

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra: Neroli

Neroli oil is considered one of the best essential oil for balancing the heart chakra if you are looking for an oil that naturally calms you while also elevating your mood. It also helps in relieving migraine or stress headaches. It also helps with nerve pain and cleanses your mind, only calming thoughts. 

To access the knowledge held within our Chakra and to be able to direct particular energies toward self-development and self-healing, one should use essential oils. We frequently feel jealous, moody, or depressed when our heart chakras are out of balance. As a result, we tend to be hostile or act defensively to separate ourselves from others and the outside world. Kanya Life’s Heart Chakra balancing essential oils, when used in the chakra healing rituals, help heal the fourth Chakra. It is completely vegan, cruelty-free, palm-free, nut-free, and has no synthetic fragrance, which gives you inside-out nourishment. You can buy our Heart Chakra kit here.


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