The Quest For Purity, Luxury & Ancient Knowledge

Our mission at Kanya is guided by our quest for purity. We have meticulously evaluated and designed every aspect of our line to offer you the purest experience possible.

Our journey began with sourcing essential oils. We researched a few hundred essential oils of different varieties and from various sources before selecting the ones that serve as ingredients for our recipes.

As anyone who has ever bought essential oils will attest to, you can buy 10ml of ‘pure’ lavender essential oil for $5 and also $25. The difference is not only the source and quality of the lavender flowers but also the level of dilution. We spent countless hours conducting tests on the essential oils before selecting a final few.

Our carrier oils are sourced from suppliers serving the food industry. We chose violet glass bottles as containers for our body oils and essential oils as they block sunlight and other harmful radiation to increase shelf life and preserve potency. Many of us lack magnesium in our diets. So we formulated our bath salts to offer natural magnesium.

While being guided by purity we did not want to compromise on luxury. We wanted our products to feel luxurious. And we don’t mean how the product packaging looks, but the way our products feel on your skin and how powerful, long-lasting and exotic the aromas are.

We interviewed many massage therapists and had them test our samples to optimize aspects like glide, absorbency, and stickiness. Our idea was to formulate products that smell great, feel smooth to the touch, and penetrate the skin to provide supple nourishment while leaving the top surface moisturized without any residue.

We are here to redefine luxury. We want to offer more than superficial skincare by combining ancient knowledge with high-quality potent ingredients. Our intention is to offer you those moments of self-care that help you to connect within.

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