What are Rituals?

Rituals are tools to help you to have an intention. These intentions then help you to achieve what you want and work with the products. Whether it is feeling more grounded, reducing stress/anxiety, feeling loved, creating love, passion or just working with your creativity, our rituals are designed to work for you to achieve the desired objective.

Choose your intention and follow the steps mentioned in the ritual. These steps are just broad guideline for you. You can also create your own ritual with our experiential products.

Grounding Ritual

Root Chakra - Find Balance

Ritual For Passion

Sacral Chakra - Fuel your Sensuality

Energizing Ritual

Solar Plexus Chakra - Ignite the Power

Ritual For Love

Heart Chakra - Find the Joy Within

Ritual for Creativity

Throat Chakra - Expression

Ritual for Intuition

Crown & Third Eye Chakra - Connect with yourself and to the Universe.