9 Ways To Use Body Oils Other Than Your Post-Shower Routine

Make body oils more ‘multi-purpose’, use them in 9 different ways! 

The 9 'Multi-purpose' uses of body Oils

‘Multi-functional’, ‘Versatile’, ‘Multi-purpose’… don’t we want all our products to be fit these labels?! You don’t have to look too far! The humble oil bottle on your kitchen counter, or the vial of the body or essential oil on your bathroom shelf, can tick all these boxes and more!

Before moisturizers and lotions arrived, oils were the go-to hack for every little grouse. Right from physical ailments to emotional problems, oils were the one-stop solution.

So let’s make the most of this 100% natural ingredient and look at the different ways in which body oils can be used other than a post-shower experience.

Filling up cracked heels 

Make body oils more ‘multi-purpose’, use them in 9 different ways! 

The skin under your feet wears down with age and physical strain. Increased pressure on the soles due to weight, footwear, extreme weather conditions, or dry skin texture can exacerbate the cracking of heels. Just apply a few drops of oil all over your soles and massage them before you hit the bed. During cold weather, slip on a pair of socks over your feet and slide into a dreamy, peaceful sleep.

As an insect repellent

Applying fragrant body oils will ensure that mosquitos and insects stay away from you, especially outdoors or in the wilderness. As per an article in the Malaria Journal - citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and catnip oil, clove oil, patchouli, peppermint and geranium are strong repellents. Free from toxins and chemicals, you can safely use oils for your kids as well.

After-shave or post skin removal

Oils can soothe irritated skin and red bumps, especially after a shave or a waxing procedure. However, make sure that you mix oil with a few drops of water before you apply. Or you could soak your skin with a wet towel and pat dry the skin before applying the oils. If your skin is sensitive, avoid applying anything at all.

Make-up remover

Most traditional face cleansers contain alcohol, stripping off the moisture content from your face. Natural oils can be used safely on the face as a make-up cleanser as they do not have chemicals and toxins. An added bonus -  oils end up moisturising your skin! 

Head/Body massage

Wondering how to use body oils other than your bath? Find out 9 different ways!

Turn your home into a spa for the day and indulge in a DIY spa routine. Pamper yourself or your loved ones as your fingers feel their way on your skin and scalp. 


Regular use of nail polish and nail procedures can make your nails brittle,  making them lose strength and lustre. Alternate your manicure or pedicure procedure every few days with an oil dip to nourish and maintain the health of your nails. Oils deeply moisturize the skin and cuticles. In the absence of nail creams, oils can also act as a healthy replacement. 

Itchy & Dry Patches

We all have weak skin spots which tend to dry out and in some cases itch. Elbows and knees, dry out first during the winters. The skin on the elbow and knees are thicker than other parts of the body since they help the body in movement. Hence the skin around the joints tends to produce less natural oils. Apply oils over these parts to keep them lubricated and moisturised.

Surface wounds

Surface wounds healed with body oils

Superficial wounds caused by scratches, insect bites, dryness, or even bleeding can be healed with oils. Clean the wound thoroughly by washing and sterilizing the affected area. Pat dry and apply the oils on the affected area with a cloth or a cotton swab. Pick a body oil with Myrrh, Lavender, and Frankincense essential oils as they have great healing and disinfectant properties. For a deeper wound, seek medical advice immediately. 

Stretch Marks

Be it pregnancy or weight fluctuations in our body, stretch marks don’t just show, but feel stretchy too. Applying oils on your belly during pregnancy or post-delivery can not only control skin from becoming too loose but also act as a much-needed stress reliever. Similarly, using essential oils for saggy skin boosts collagen production. Collagen is what gives skin a tight flawless appearance. 

So, go ahead and try these harmless, effective ways to use body oils and let us know what worked for you. 

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