• Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health

    Essential Oils That Support Women’s Health
    Women are extremely receptive emotional beings. It is in our genetic makeup to pick up the vibes and act accordingly. While it results in a lot of stress many times, it comes with its positives too. For instance, if you indulge in aromatherapy, the results will be seen way faster than they would show for an average male. Hence, essential oils can be extremely beneficial in supporting overall Women’s health too. In this blog, we’ll talk about 7 such essential oils! How do Essential Oils work? Essential oils have different effects on our bodies that can...
  • Best Oils For Dreadlocks - Hair Growth Oils For Dreads

    Best Oils For Dreadlocks - Hair Growth Oils For Dreads
    Let us explain what dreadlocks are for the uninitiated. Remember the kind of woven hair that were so typical to Bob Marley and his followers? Or even Monica's braided hair in one of the Friends’ episodes. Well, both of these are dreadlocks. With this picture in mind, you can understand that they aren’t easy to maintain. These hair locks cannot be washed and oiled like normal hair. The care needed is special, so here we are with a dedicated blog too! Why should you use Essential Oils to put in dreadlocks? Essential oils add moisture. The...
  • 8 Amazing Body Oils For Dry, Flaky Skin

    8 Amazing Body Oils For Dry, Flaky Skin
    What is your go to solution when you feel that your skin is getting really dry and probably flaky too? You rush to a moisturiser right? Now, one common problem with moisturisers is that their effect wanes off soon. So, either you can keep applying them again and again or just be happy with the temporary relief. Again, moisturisers work mostly on the surface. They don’t really work from under the epidermal layer which means that your dryness will continue to be. Now, let us switch to body oils and see how they work. Well, thanks...
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