• Dosha, The Seasonal Allergies And How To Fight Them!

    Dosha, The Seasonal Allergies And How To Fight Them!
    Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old philosophy that originated with the Veda. It is a methodology of healing that considers a person's overall foundation, mental state, and spiritual viewpoint in light of the galaxy. According to philosophy, the world comprises five elements: air, earth, fire, space, and water. Every cell, every tissue, and every tissue and every organ in our body comprises these energetic patterns of doshas. They control every biological function as well as our thoughts and emotions. All humans have a certain amount of each Dosha, although the majority have an excess of one or more....
  • Yoga As A Means To Chakra Balancing

    Yoga As A Means To Chakra Balancing
    Your chakras need to stay open for a fully functioning body. But sometimes, for some reason, your chakras can get blocked or imbalanced. Chakra balancing throughout your body can help you advance spiritually, break down mental boundaries and expand your Consciousness. When a chakra or a wheel of energy is stuck, it may be useful to release the prana through movement. Doing Yoga is the best way for chakra balancing as it removes stuck energy from the body because it invites fresh, vital energy back in through poses and the breath.  Before we learn what Yoga...
  • 11 best Essential Oils For The 7 Chakras

    11 best Essential Oils For The 7 Chakras
    Our chakras are always active and continuously rotating. Their rotation attracts energy, which is absorbed in or released out. If the chakras become imbalanced, energy flow may be hindered, which impairs the mental and spiritual well-being of an individual. The therapeutic properties of essential oils assist in calming and soothing the chakra vibrations while increasing the flow of energy to all the Chakra, balancing all the imbalances.  Let’s see some of the best essential oils suited for the 7 Chakras.  Essential oils for Chakra Balancing: Root Chakra The Root Chakra is the foundation of our stability...
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