8 Meditations Music You Should Try Right Now!

If you are a beginner at meditation, you’d know how tough it can get to focus on a single thought or focus at the nothingness. More often than not, your meditation instructor asks you to focus on their voice to ease the process. However, if you are one who hasn’t been taking to meditation because your schedule doesn’t sync with the instructor, you can start trying it at home all by yourself. With a couple of tweaks here and there, you’ll still feel the same as what you would have felt with an instructor.

In this list of what to dos, the first one is introducing meditation music in your routine. In this blog, we will talk about the 8 meditation musics that you can try out.

Importance of Music as an instrument to better Meditation

We all know the impact listening to a song can have on us. Be it dancing in the pubs, listening to a soothing note while having coffee, productivity boosting music at the office or just an emotional score when you are missing your loved ones.

The same impact is true when music is being used in the meditation practice as well. Be it a beginner or someone who has been meditating for a while, mixing music in the experience provides instant relief. An effective mood boosting and calming technique, including music in your spa/meditation routine helps get instant and long lasting relief.

Now, when it comes to music, not everyone has similar tastes. Each individual has a different set of preferences and hence the type of music they like won’t be same too. For this reason, we are listing out 8 different types of music categories that you can choose from.

8 Meditations Music You Should Try Right Now

1.Chill Out Meditation Music

Chill-out music is Meditation Music that includes various electronic music styles to calm the listener's mind. This kind of music for meditation is made with electric sound, slow rhythms, and experimental touches. Chill-out music helps the person reach a deep state of peace, which makes it easier for them to practice meditation later. During meditation, the person who does it learns to control their true inner self. This style of Meditation Music is suitable for people who find it hard to start meditating because they are too busy with day-to-day tasks and like partying too. Chilling out music immediately removes stress, making it possible for a person to take deeper breaths and start exploring his spirituality. 

2.Binaural Meditation Music

When a person hears two tones in each ear that are slightly different pitches, they get to hear binaural sounds. There is a slight difference between these frequencies. The difference in frequency makes the brain make a third sound, which is called the binaural sound. This style of music for meditation helps the person to quickly get into a deep state of relaxation. Binaural tones have been known to help bring about a calm state of mind, which is essential for meditation.It is ideal for people who remain largely distracted and anxious most of the times. The Binaural tones, much like the Bhramri pranayam help in providing a single point focus.

3.CIsochronic Meditation Music

Isochronic tones are a type of Meditation Music that keep repeating at the same time every time. Isochronous tones are made when a sound and a timeframe of silence last the same amount of time. This music for meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress and, as a result, makes it easier to meditate. Given the periodicity of these tones, they provide a set pattern for the mind to focus on. Also, since these tones are usually sharp, they are known to distract the mind from elsewhere and strongly attract attention. Isochronic meditation music is ideal for those who have a busy work schedule. Even 5 minutes of listening to isochronic meditation music can help one relax and feel calmer.

4. Zen Meditation Music

The most commonly used meditation music, the Zen meditation music is what you all must have listened to in the yoga studios and spas. The Zen meditation music works parallely on both the left and right parts of the brain bringing in peace and calm. When both sides of the brain work together, a person might feel quiet, peaceful, and in touch with their spiritual side. This music makes it easier to focus, develop new ideas, and have a positive outlook on life. The goal of making Zen music was to increase the spiritual benefits of meditation. The person's self-confidence, ability to sleep well, and ability to get along with others all tend to improve.

Zen meditation music can also be used as productivity music as it boosts concentration significantly.

5. World Meditation Music

World music is a type of music that includes all the traditional styles of music from different cultures and ethnic groups from all over the world. When you listen to this style of music for meditation, you'll be able to enjoy the sounds of different instruments very distinctively. When we listen to global music, we can get used to the sounds of many other devices, such as Tibetan singing bowls, wind cthemes, kalimbas, ukuleles, and bamboo flutes. The beauty of this music style is how different people are able to connect with and enjoy the different sounds. It is like a fail proof music for meditation and therapy because your ears will pick the sound that you like the most automatically. Plus, every instrument, every vibration has its own speciality and hence the kind of peace and calm that you’ll experience by meditating to this music type will be very wholesome.

6. Ambient Meditation Music

The traditional music structure is less significant or even subdued in ambient music. The focus is more on tone and mood. This music with its base tones helps dispel the negative emotions and promotes a general sense of calm and well being. If you are someone who is going through any kind of emotional upheavel, this music type is for you.. People who find it hard to stay focused when they first start meditating, can benefit a lot from listening to this type of music made for meditation. 

7. Classical Meditation Music

Indian classical music is known for its milieu of vibrations that can significantly soother the surroundings. The Indian classical music has its roots in divinity and spirituality. The tones were created to praise the lord and hence all the notes are meant to promote positivity and concentration. The high energy vibrations that get emanated from the classical music notes help nullify the negative energies in your surroundings in addition to calming your tensed nerves.

8. Nature Meditation Music

If you have heard the name of Calm app, you would have most certainly listened to this category of meditation music. Nature meditation music includes sounds of rain, thunder, wind, waterfalls, birds, bees buzzes, blazing fire, and so on. These sounds help us feel more connected to the rest of the world because they remind us of how we are a part of nature. This style of Meditation Music is good at relieving stress, which lets the meditator focus all of their attention on their mental practice. Listening to this kind of music can help treat a number of mental health problems, such as anxiety, panic attacks, and sadness. 


And as we conclude

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