"BEING KANYA-BEING YOU" - How To Apply The Military Mindset To Life - Kasie Valenti

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about work-life balance...one look at Kasie Valenti’s refreshing face is enough to get you going! Kasie is our first positive changemaker for the Being Kanya - Being YOU series and is a force to reckon with, literally. 

She served in the US Army for 8 years before retiring from service. During her stint, she served as a Logistics Officer with a deployment to Afghanistan as well. In the Army, she held various positions as a platoon leader, executive officer, female engagement team leader, company commander, and speechwriter. 

#KanyaScrapbook - Q & A with Kasie Valenti


We may not always have the motivation to accomplish something, but if you are disciplined, it will get done regardless.  


If you put your mind to something you CAN do it! 

Physical Fitness: 

Moving your body relieves stress and helps to build confidence.   

Mental Health Maintenance: 

Take care of your mental health, every day, not just when things are tough!

Three Things You Can Not Live Without:

Water, Sunscreen, and Movement.

Your Self Care Routine:

Every day I wake up and drink a full glass of water, wash my face, put sunscreen on and either go for a walk or do yoga. I have done this for years.

She may have retired now, but she continues to inspire thousands of women with her Instagram handle where regularly posts about mental health, fitness and yoga tips. The army veteran wears many hats as a mother of 3 kids, a military spouse and as a Director of Communications at the Service to School. 

Kasie turns particularly vocal on self-care, especially for mothers, calling it “100% mandatory”. “Self-care is NOT selfish, it is MANDATORY! Being a mom and wife while working a full-time job is no joke. It requires the constant juggle of multiple full-time jobs. It’s no wonder why most of us find ourselves spread so thin that we are running on fumes.”

Kasie has a strict self-care routine for herself too. “I am a huge fan of routines. I think most of us thrive when we have a routine that helps us move right along our day, especially in terms of skincare and self-care.”

Kasie signs off saying, “Beauty to me means who we are underneath it all ❤️”.

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